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Alignment Neutral

Appears in Rayman 3
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Species Bird
Status Background character

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Jumping bird, the glute is mostly found around towns and villages where it looks for food. In spite of its spindly build, the glute is able to swallow everything: animal, vegetable, stone, metal... In fact, it is used as a garbage chute amongst certain Teensie populations.

Glutes are creatures from Rayman 3.


Glutes are part of the Glade of Dreams fauna.

They look like tiny blue birds, with a long yellow beak, a long neck, two legs with webbed feets and a tail. Devoid of wings, they move around by jumping. Despite their size and thinness, Glutes can swallow anything, like animals, vegetables, stones and even metal. They seek for their food around towns and villages. Some Teensies breed Glutes to use them as garbage chute, taking advantage of their limitless appetite.

In Rayman 3

An in-game model for the Glute was created, but the creature was cut from the final game, for unknown reasons. But the developers decided to hide a Glute in a secret room of the Tower of the Leptys, so that their work would not entirely go to waste. The room also contains other unused models, such as the Xowar and a blue Bonton.

In Freeze mode, it is said that the sound of a gong being hit is akin to the scream of a frightened baby Glute. As the Knaaren that dwell in the tunnels of their desert cannot resist its call, they will immediately go over to investigate the sound it produces.

Globox often mentions the Glutes in the game. It seems that he doesn't like them, since he uses their name to form a swear word, "Gaseous Glute!". He pronounces it in most of the levels, but also when Rayman hits him and when he is drunk. In Hoodlum Headquarters, when Globox is hanging to a grapple, all his blood is rushing to his head, and he becomes more intelligent as a result. Then, he belittles the Glutes again, by saying that he is composed of 816 polygons and that the garden variety glute only contains 318 polygons. However, when Globox hides in a corner to escape an Hoodlum attack, he is so scared that he regrets his insults: "I swear I'll never criticize glutes again! I swear!"

Glutes are also mentioned in a remark of a Grand Minimus in the second part of the Desert of the Knaaren: "I gotta go shave my glutes."

The name of the Glutes is also used to make jokes on superheroes names: When Globox is drunk and fly into the air, he said: "Ha ha ha ha! Even Spider-Glute can't do this!". In Hoodlum Headquarters warehouse, the hostess said in the speakers: "Would the Incredible Glute please report to the welcome desk?"