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Alignment Bad

Appears in Rayman 3
Location The Desert of the Knaaren, Sentinel

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Resistance Invincible
Attacks Contact

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Species Knaaren

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The Knaaren are a most savage tribe residing in the underground core of the world. Rude, crude, and sporting a foul 'tude, these warriors' hobbies include making mazes, crafting homemade security systems, and mopping their floors with heroes like Rayman.
—Press release, Rayman 3 [1]

A Knaaren is a member of an enemy monster species found only in Rayman 3. They are tall, fierce and invincible creatures whose attacks are dangerously strong, and they dwell mainly in the Desert of the Knaaren. They live in the deep labyrinthine caves beneath the blistering sands of the desert, building numerous tunnels and meeting grounds to connect their domain. The Knaaren detest sunlight, so carved their homes out of rock. Various members of the species may be summoned by a nearby gong, calling all surrounding Knaaren to move to the gong's position. This can be used as an effective distraction when trying to navigate their caves undetected.

The Knaaren worship a god known as the Leptys. This god is referred to as ‘bringer of night’ and ‘father of the Knaaren people’, and appears in the form of a great bird.

They are ruled by their Lord, Gumsi, who is noticeably smaller than the other Knaaren – Otto Psi later on refers to him as a ‘child-king’. Gumsi holds the Sceptre of the Leptys, a magical object whose holder can invoke the god and gain his power.

The Knaaren enjoy gladiator-style battles in their arena. The undefeated champion of the Knaaren was Reflux, who, since gaining that title in the season of the two full moons, went on to chain twenty-eight consecutive wins by knockout. However, he was defeated by Rayman in Rayman 3, and conspired with André to get revenge on him by stealing the Sceptre of the Leptys from Gumsi and using it to gain the power of the Leptys.

In Sentinel, one of Rayman 3's minigames, it is revealed that the icy Summit Beyond the Clouds is also home to some Knaaren inhabitants. This indicates that the Knaaren are extremely versatile – not only can they survive baking deserts, but they can also survive frozen mountain peaks. In the minigame, the player controls an invading Hoodboom, who lobs plum juice bombs at the approaching Knaaren, which are attempting to defend their territory and destroy a Hoodlum tower.

Notable Knaaren