Destiny Arena

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Rayman battles Reflux in the Destiny Arena.

The Destiny Arena is an amphitheatre-like chamber located in the depths of the tunnels beneath the Desert of the Knaaren. This arena is where Knaaren warriors battle for the entertainment of a Knaaren audience which includes their king, Gumsi. Its name is given only in the original French version of Rayman 3.

At the time of Rayman 3, Reflux was the undisputed champion of the Knaaren. Reflux won his first champion title during the season of the two full moons, and since then he had won twenty-eight fights in a row, knocking out his opponent each time. Eventually no other Knaaren dared to stand against Reflux in the arena; he could only find opponents in the rare prisoners captures around the desert. Reflux's championship comes to an end when he captures Rayman to do battle with him in the Destiny Arena; Rayman does what no other could, and defeats Reflux. The disgraced Reflux then teams up with André to exact revenge on Rayman.

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