Mini Jano

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Mini Jano
Mini Jano
Alignment Bad

Appears in Rayman 2
Location The Cave of Bad Dreams, the Sanctuary of Stone and Fire, Globox Disc

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Resistance PC, Nintendo 64, Dreamcast:

3 HP (fire-breathing version)
9 HP (stealthy version)
6 HP (fire-breathing version)
PlayStation 2:
1 HP[1] (fire-breathing version)
5 HP (stealthy version)

Attacks Fire breath, eat, bite, contact

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Species Nightmare of Polokus

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The Mini Jano[2] are enemies encountered in Rayman 2. They are dark-green, one-eyed, round monsters with skeletal arms that are found mostly in the Cave of Bad Dreams, which is guarded by their much larger counterpart, Jano, though another one appears at a certain point in the Sanctuary of Stone and Fire.

The first type of Mini Jano attacks by breathing fire, and they often attempt to avoid Rayman when they look each other in the eye while attacking. Like Jano, they can dig underground, and they usually make their ambush at what seems to be a dead end. There is usually more than one to defeat them. If Rayman gets too close to them, they will grab and devour him.

The second type appears only once, and is characterised by a higher resistance and a different behaviour. Instead of breathing fire, this Mini Jano hides behind columns, and only attacks Rayman by leaping on him and biting him when he turns away. The only way to defeat this one is to wait until it gets close, turn towards it and shoot.

If Mini Jano are met at a dead end, all of them need to be defeated in order to reveal a secret item, usually a plum or a Magic Sphere.

In the PlayStation version of the game, only the fire-breathing Mini Jano appear, though twice as resistant and in both the Cave of Bad Dreams and the Sanctuary of Stone and Fire, and the ones in the Sanctuary of Stone and Fire don't dig into the ground or devour Rayman when he gets close, instead patrolling a set pattern around the room, always facing Rayman and breathing fire at him when he gets too close or after he attacks them. In Rayman Revolution, both versions are notably weaker, especially those breathing fire, which on the other hand are more numerous. Occasionally, the fire-breathing Mini Jano in the Cave of Bad Dreams on the higher platform added in this version wear hats similar to their larger counterpart.

In Globox Disc, a red, armless version of the Mini-Jano appears that will wander in a circle around a part of the maze, eating objects and costing a life if it comes into contact with the baby Globox.


  1. The exact resistance of fire-breathing Mini Jano in Rayman Revolution is 1/3 (0.333…) hit point. They take three white shots or one blue shot to defeat.
  2. The name comes from the official French guide of Rayman 2.