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Alignment Neutral

Appears in Rayman 2
Location The Sanctuary of Water and Ice

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Resistance Unknown[1]
Attacks Icicle throw

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Who is it that dares disturb the tranquility of this place?
—Axel, Rayman 2 (PlayStation version)

Axel, also known as the Guardian of the Sanctuary of Water and Ice, is a boss character from Rayman 2. He is the Guardian of the first mask of Polokus.

In Rayman 2

Unlike most bosses in the series, Axel only takes one hit to be destroyed, making him less powerful than some of the other Guardians. He attacks by throwing icicles at Rayman, who has to get to him by swinging across a series of Purple Lums in the air. Once close enough, Rayman shoots an overhanging icicle with his magic fist, causing it to fall on to Axel's head, defeating him in a single hit. In most versions of the game he explodes and evaporates into the air with a roar of rage; in the PlayStation version, the icicle sticks on his head and he slowly sinks into the fountain below him, where he dissolves.

Axel does not appear to be an inherently evil being; like the other Guardians, he was created by Polokus to guard his four magical masks and prevent them from falling into the wrong hands. The PlayStation version of the game contains additional cutscenes in which Rayman engages in dialogue with the Guardians Axel, Umber and Foutch; in the conversation with Axel, it is revealed that he regards Rayman as a thief who threatens the safety of the first mask. When Axel attacks Rayman, he is ultimately acting under the instructions of Polokus.

Like the other Guardians, Axel's name is not given in the PlayStation version. Axel does not appear in Rayman 2 Forever, the Game Boy Color version of the game; neither do any of the other bosses.

Axel's French name, Aglagl, is an onomatopoeia for the feeling of cold.


  1. The resistance of Axel is only known to be greater than 6 hit points and less than or equal to 13 hit points.