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Alignment Bad

Appears in Rayman 2 (PlayStation)
Location The Sanctuary of Stone and Fire

Portrayed by Christian Erickson

Resistance 15 HP
Attacks Golden hook, energy projectiles

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Species Robo-Pirate

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Killing is a pleasure. Command, and your will shall be done...
—Ninjaws to Admiral RazorbeardRayman 2 (PlayStation version)

Ninjaws is a Ninja Henchman who appears in the PlayStation version of Rayman 2 as the boss of the Sanctuary of Stone and Fire.

While Ninjaws looks identical to the other Ninja Henchmen, he seems to be their leader. Ninjaws also seems to be Admiral Razorbeard's favourite servant. At one point in the PlayStation version of Rayman 2, Ninjaws reported to Razorbeard in his cabin that he had captured more than 5000 slaves. Razorbeard ordered Ninjaws and his Ninja Henchmen to kill Rayman. Ninjaws later managed to track down Rayman at the end of the Sanctuary of Stone and Fire, where the two battled for the second mask. Rayman defeats him, as he has a heavy hook as one of his hands which can get caught in the ground if he misses hitting Rayman with it. Ninjaws has the ability to teleport to areas.

Attack scheme

Ninjaws will attempt to slash at Rayman with his hook. If he misses, he gets stuck in the ground briefly before teleporting away. He does not linger on the battlefield for longer than two seconds at most. In-between appearances he is untargettable. He will sometimes appear on Rayman's location, trying to hurt him simply by being an enemy that occupies the same space as he does. As a tertiary attack, he may appear in a spot before Rayman, shoot at him and appear in a spot slightly to the right of that, shooting again. Like so, he circles around Rayman in the time span of one second as he barrages him with bolts of energy.

Ninjaws in the Razorbeard's private cabin.
Rayman and Ninjaws battle for control of the second Mask of Polokus.