The Deadly Lights

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The Deadly Lights
The Deadly Lights
The Mysterious Inflatable Island The Ninja Dojo
World 20,000 Lums Under the Sea

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150 Lums
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The Deadly Lights is the second level of 20,000 Lums Under the Sea, the fourth world in Rayman Legends. Its name is a spoof of the title of the James Bond short story and the 1987 movie, The Living Daylights.

Area 1

Now in an underwater base, Rayman and his friends will still meet Underwater Toads and Dark Sentries. After a while, the team calls on Murfy to assist in pressing buttons that will cause a nearby platform to appear and block the light of a Dark Sentry. He will also cut ropes to block the lights to help the heroes continue in the base. The Dark Sentries won't always appear when there's a button nearby though. The first secret area can be found by going through a fake, dark foreground to the very left of a certain Underwater Toad. The first Skull Coin is right above the Darkblocker at the end of this area.

Queen Teensie area

Murfy must move the wheel around to allow the team to avoid the huge Dark Sentry light and reach and defeat the Underwater Toad tormenting the Teensie.

Area 2

The process of Murfy pressing multiple buttons to make platforms appear and block the many Dark Sentries and their lights will continue. Walls will also be pulled by Murfy to let the heroes advance by wall jumping.

Area 3

The heroes will be in a different part of the underwater base as they continue on, this time upwards. The second secret area can be reached by getting on a moveable platform and letting Murfy move the one on top to allow the team to reach the ledge of the platform leading up to the room. The second Skull Coin is located mostly behind a fake looking pipe. After safely reaching the top, the exit is to the right.

King Teensie area

The gang needs to get onto a platform that will shortly begin to move up. Murfy must continuously turn the wheel to block the incoming lights of the Dark Sentries while the team defeats the Underwater Toads.

The Deadly Lights - Invaded
The Deadly Lights - Invaded
World 20,000 Lums Under the Sea

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This level is invaded by enemies from Olympus Maximus, including Minotaurs, lavaroots and swarmed dark creatures.

It is unlocked once the original level completed and if the player(s) gets far enough in the Olympian world.

The level combines the first two sections reversed, and goes from the end of the second section to somewhere near the start of the first section. However, there's no more transition between the sections (where a Darkblocker can be found in the original level). The presence of the invaders makes the level harder: swarms of dark creatures can swim through the several pipes everywhere in the level; however, there are no more Dark Sentries.

Name in other languages

  • French : Dangereuses lumières
  • Spanish : ¡No vayas en la luz!
  • German : Lichter des Todes
  • Italian : Luci mortali
  • Dutch : De dodelijke lichten
  • Japanese : W4-2 「水中の秘密基地」

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