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Lavaroots are enemies in Rayman Legends and Rayman Adventures. They appear in several invaded levels and in Wrestling with a Giant!, but more prominently in Olympus Maximus.


Lavaroots are similar to the darkroots, only they are bright red with a yellow "head", are lava, and have two red eyes. Like darkroots, they can only attack the player through direct contact.

In Rayman Legends and Rayman Adventures

Lavaroots are seen sticking out of certain areas in certain levels, usually from bodies of lava. In some levels, they behave rather uniquely: in the queen Teensie area in Swarmed and Dangerous, a lavaroot will temporarily chase the player. In the invaded levels for Ray and the Beanstalk, the Deadly Lights and Elevator Ambush, lavaroots will randomly pop out of certain areas and block them off, and the player must maneuver carefully to avoid them. In Rayman Adventures, they are less prominent, but nonetheless, any tactics used to encounter them in Rayman Legends are to be applied here.