Wrestling with a Giant!

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Wrestling with a Giant!
Wrestling with a Giant!
Lucha Libre Get Away Mariachi Madness
World Fiesta de los Muertos

RL-Teensy.png 3

25 Lums
50 Lums
75 Lums
100 Lums

Wrestling with a Giant! is the eighth level of Fiesta de los Muertos, the third world in Rayman Legends. This is also where the fight against the El Luchador takes place.


The heroes land on a short platform, where a Mariachi sets the scene for the fight against the El Luchador. After the El Luchador pumps up the crowd and a different Mariachi rings the bell, the fight begins. The team must avoid his hand attacks until a champibumper appears; jumping on it gives the heroes a chance to attack the El Luchador. After that, the heroes jump back to the platform and the second round begins. There are now multiple but smaller platforms the heroes can maneuver on until the next champibumper appears. After the players attack the El Luchador again, the third and final round of the battle begins. This time the El Luchador destroys the platform which causes the heroes to use their glide power along the wind current to avoid the surplus of fireballs from the body of lava. This continues until a champibumper appears one last time to allow the heroes to attack the El Luchador again. He is now stunned and falls, defeating him. The team spots the Dark Teensy getting his vehicle stuck. Charging an attack sends the Dark Teensy out of the Glade of Dreams to where the other Dark Teensies are. This completes the level.

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