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Appears in Rayman Legends
Location Fiesta de los Muertos

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Resistance Invincible
Attacks Contact

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Luchadores are giant monsters that appear in the Fiesta de los Muertos. One is green and dressed in purple, another one brown and dressed in yellow and white. They are called upon by a Dark Teensy to chase the player in Lucha Libre Get Away. A gigantic, grey one is the boss of the Fiesta de los Muertos.

Role in the game

The brown Luchadores are first introduced in Snakes on a Cake. If the player gets within their line of sight, then they will jump out at the player in an attempt to crush them. However, they are easy to avoid, and often help to clear pathways through the cake.

The green Luchador is called upon by the Dark Teensy to chase the player in Lucha Libre Get Away. He also shouts every time he jumps and moves his arms in front of him when he is running through cake. He meets his demise When the player reaches the end of the level, in which some released lava and the Luchador's weight causes the cake he is standing on to melt, and he gives a thumbs up to the player as he sinks into the lava. He also appears in the invaded levels of Once upon a Time and There's Always a Bigger Fish.


  • The way the green Luchador falls in the lava is a reference to the sci-fi movie Terminator 2.
  • The word 'Luchador' is Spanish for fighter.