Lightning eyes

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Lightning eyes
Lightning eyes
Alignment Bad

Appears in Rayman, Rayman Junior, Rayman Designer, Rayman (Game Boy Color)
Location Band Land, Picture City, the Caves of Skops, Airy Tunes

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Resistance 4 HP
Attacks Lightning bolts, contact

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Lightning eyes, also known as Flashing eyes and Flash eyes, are resistant enemies that appear in the original Rayman game, Rayman Junior, Rayman Designer and the Game Boy Color version of Rayman. They can be found in Band Land, Picture City and the Caves of Skops.

They are static enemies, essentially pairs of large bloodshot eyes which peer through the walls, squeeze themselves shut and then shoot a bolt of lightning that harms Rayman if it hits him. Most of them are protected by drums and cannot be hit or touched, but it is possible to defeat the others. Touching them also causes Rayman damage. The best strategy to overcome them is usually to avoid their attacks and run away from them.

In Rayman 2, similar disembodied eyeball enemies known as jumping eyes appear.