Dragonfly (Rayman Origins)

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Alignment Bad

Appears in Rayman Origins
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Resistance 1 HP[1] (regular version)

Invincible (fire-covered version)

Attacks Contact.

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Dragonflies are reptilian enemies appearing in Rayman Origins. Despite their name, they are basically dragons, not insects. They are red dragons with small wings and remarkable big lips. They are small in size (even smaller than the Baby Dragon Chefs), have no legs, and carry small forks as their main weapons to attack Rayman and his friends. They mostly appear during the Gourmand Land's Moskito sequences 'Aim for the Eel!' and 'You're on Fire!', acting as an equivalent from the small flies from the Jibberish Jungle: They come in rows, and the players must shoot at all of them in order to make a bubble with Lums appear, or suck them all to acquire the Lums immediately. In the level 'My Heartburn's for You', they appear in big groups and pursue the heroes; however, here they are covered with fire, and players can't harm them. In order to avoid them, the heroes must run away, avoiding any obstacle. Dragonflies are apparently some of the enemies that don't bubblize when defeated.


  1. The exact resistance of regular Dragonflies is 1/4 (0.25) hit point. They take one mosquito shot to defeat.