Blowing bird

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Blowing bird
Blowing bird
Alignment Bad

Appears in Rayman Origins, Rayman Jungle Run
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Resistance 1 HP
Attacks Blow, Contact

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Blowing birds are enemies in Rayman Origins. They are part of the clan of evil birds that inhabit the desert area of the Glade of Dreams (respectively, the Desert of Dijiridoos and the Grumbling Grottos). Blowing birds are earth enemies, carrying pink bagpipes on their backs, which they play, making strong airstreams come out from their enormous chanters. Despite being harmless, the airstreams are strong enough to push the players into dangerous cliffs, spiky birds or other enemies. Blowing birds can harm players if they come too close to them. Like every normal enemy in Rayman Origins, blowing birds can be bubblized with one single slap. Blowing birds make an appearance in the Moskito sequence "Don't Shoot the DJ", and take four shoots to be defeated. The Blowing birds' combat style is notably based on the Trumpets from the original Rayman game.

In appearance, blowing birds are yellow, robust birds wearing green pants with purple circles, held up by a green suspender, with bagpipes. Like most of the birds in Rayman Origins, blowing birds have small, slanted eyelids.