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Alignment Bad

Appears in Rayman Origins
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Resistance 1 HP
Attacks Charge, contact

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Redfish are fish enemies from Rayman Origins that reside in the Sea of Serendipity and the Angsty Abyss. In appearance, they have round red bodies, dark-red fins and tail, and cream-coloured lips with small fangs. They act as guards of the oceans, constantly moving around, looking for someone to attack with their dangerous tridents. Some Redfish have a different behaviour, and instead of looking for a victim, they constantly practice with their tridents while moving in different directions. The best way to defeat a Redfish is to attack it from behind or any other blind spot. Like most of the enemies in Rayman Origins, Redfish take only one hit to be bubblized. They also take only one mosquito shot to be defeated, although they don't bubblize during mosquito sequences, but disappear; during these sequences, they are grouped in rows, much like the jellyfish. Redfish usually swim in pair numbers, although some can be seen swimming alone. Some groups of static Redfish are positioned in a triangle formation (much like bowling pins), and the heroes must push the Blowfish before them to produce a chain reaction and bubblize them all.