Baby Piranhas

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Baby Piranhas
Baby Piranhas
Alignment Bad

Appears in Rayman Origins, Rayman Legends
Location Jibberish Jungle, Gourmand Land, Sea of Serendipity

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Resistance Invincible
Attacks Bite, contact

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Baby Piranhas are groups of small, dangerous red fish that appear in Rayman Origins. They seem to be smaller variants of the original piranhas, which where originally intended to appear in the game. Baby Piranhas can be found schooling in the ponds of red juice from the icy cocktail areas of Gourmand Land and the Luscious Lakes, following and waiting for the players to fall. In single player mode, the Baby Piranhas will always be following the only character onscreen. Baby Piranhas are invincible, and there's no possible way to kill or bubblize them. If a character carries a heart and touches a group of Baby Piranhas, they will be harmed and will make a small jump, sometimes helpful to go back to a safe place.

It is hard to avoid being harmed in red ponds filled with Baby Piranhas, so the best option is not to swim in them.

There are some exceptions in which Baby Piranhas can be found out of red ponds. Some can be seen in the level Pirate's Treasure! in the Sea of Serendipity. Another group of Baby Piranhas can be found in Risky Ruin in Angsty Abyss. A blue variant of the species can be seen for a short period in a small pond in the level Hi-Ho Moskito!, in Jibberish Jungle. There's a PlayStation Network trophy/Xbox LIVE Gamerscore achievement, called Survivor!, which consists in a player surviving in a pond of Baby Piranhas without getting attacked.