Risky Ruin

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Risky Ruin
Risky Ruin
World Angsty Abyss

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Risky Ruin is the third level of the Angsty Abyss, a world in Rayman Origins. It is the ninth Tricky Treasure level, where Rayman and his friends must chase a Tricky Treasure for a Skull Tooth. This level is the fourth one from this world and thirty-one overall that's included in the Back to Origins mode in Rayman Legends.

Original version

The heroes find the Tricky Treasure at the end of the first platform. The chest thinks they are going to beat him up, so he runs away, and the chase begins. Getaway bluegrass music plays once the chase starts. The first half of the chase consists of the heroes following the Tricky Treasure across many platforms and zip lines, while avoiding spikes. In the second half of the level, the heroes then must follow the Tricky Treasure through water, which gets increasingly dark as they swim deeper. They must avoid more spikes and various enemies, and they must move quickly, as the area crumbles around them. It is possible for the heroes to become trapped between the falling rocks at the end and be unable to continue. Eventually, the heroes reach a dead end; the chest has nowhere to go, meaning that the heroes can break the chest, receiving the Skull Tooth to give back to Mister Death.

Risky Ruin
Risky Ruin
Scuba Shootout Murray of the Deep
World Sea of Serendipity

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Back to Origins

In the Back to Origins version, there are not many differences between the original version; except of the notable elements from Rayman Legends replacing some of the elements from the game.

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