Pirate's Treasure!

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Pirate's Treasure!
Pirate's Treasure!
World Sea of Serendipity

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Pirate's Treasure! is the third level of the Sea of Serendipity, the fourth world in Rayman Origins. The Fire Teensie gives access to this level when 85 Electoons are collected. It is the fourth Tricky Treasure level, where Rayman and his friends must chase a Tricky Treasure for a Skull Tooth. This is the second level from this world and fourteenth overall that's not included in the Back to Origins mode in Rayman Legends.


Rayman and his friends start out on a wooden platform above a body of water containing Baby Piranhas. At the end of the platform, they find the Tricky Treasure. The chest thinks Rayman is going to beat him up, so he runs away, and the chase begins. Getaway bluegrass music plays once the chase starts. During the first half of the chase, the Tricky Treasure jumps onto a flying ship in the background that shoots cannonballs at the players, and they must follow along in the foreground while avoiding the cannonballs and flames, as well as falling into the piranha infested water. Then, the Tricky Treasure will return to the foreground, where the team must chase it through water and across flaming debris. Once there are no room left to run, the Tricky Treasure will come to a halt, allowing the players to punch it open. The Skull Tooth can now be collected to give back to Mister Death.

This level has an issue towards the end with the screen movement. At the two masts near the end, the screen may move to the right too quickly for the player to keep up. To avoid this from happening, the player will have to not spin in the water unless needed, as that will speed up the player's movement, or attempt to jump up between the masts with correct timing.

The Tricky Treasure jumps onto the ship in the background.
Baby Piranhas are swimming in the water.
The ship will cause destruction by shooting bombs.
The players will have to swim in the sea caverns to keep up with the chest.
Enemies will appear in the caverns.
The blocks ahead can be destroyed.
The swingmen is useful for avoiding the flames.
The rope is useful as well for avoiding the flames.

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