Mecha Mockingbird

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Mecha Mockingbird
Mecha Mockingbird
Alignment Bad

Appears in Rayman Origins
Location Moody Clouds

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Resistance 2 HP
Attacks Bashing its head, contact

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Species Robot

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The Mecha Mockingbird is a boss from Rayman Origins. It is the second boss featured in The Reveal, a level in the Moody Clouds. It shows up immediately after Mecha Carnivora is beaten, the flooring collapses leading to the area which the Mecha Mockingbird is fought. As it is a mechanical rendition of the Mocking Bird, it has similar attacks. Initially, it will have an exposed bubo on its underbelly while it flies across the screen dropping harmful mechanical eggs. Once this bubo has been attacked, the floor will collapse in this arena, and an air current starts to flow upwards, from this point, the heroes must dodge the Mecha's attempts to ram into them, and attack any other accompanying birds to ensure that they are not damaged. The Mecha will eventually attempt to ram the heroes from the top, if dodged, another Bubo will be exposed, hitting this one will cause the Mecha Mockingbird to be defeated, and it explodes.