Green Teensy

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Green Teensy
Teensy a11.png
Alignment Good

Appears in Rayman Origins
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Portrayed by Douglas Rand

Sex Male
Species Teensy
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Relatives Polokus (ancestor)

Muse of the poets (ancestor)

Unlock criteria Default (Rayman Origins)

The Green Teensy is a playable Teensy character in Rayman Origins. He wears a completely green costume, featuring a dark-green coat with lima-coloured edges and a light-green shirt. Although he is one of the four starter characters (the other ones being Rayman, Globox and Goth Teensy), he joins the team suddenly, and doesn't seem to have any relation to the main plot of the game, as he doesn't appear in any of the game's cinematics; this is due several development issues, as the Grand Minimus was intended to be the fourth starter character, but was changed to an unlockable, being the Green Teensy his replacement (it should be remarked that the Grand Minimus does appear during the cinematic sequence instead of the Green Teensy). As a possible joke to this development issue, the Bubble Dreamer acts surprised about how weirdly the Grand Minimus changed to a Green Teensy at the Snoring Tree.

Green Teensies seem to be generic Teensies with no particular features; they snore, produce spells, tell tall tales and coexist normally with the magic people. As seen in the level 'Riding the Storm', the playable Green Teensy doesn't seem to be unique, as a group of equally Green Teensies can be seen. These Teensies help the Nymphs to focus their magic energy to open the path to the Moody Clouds. Much like the Red Wizards from the level 'Moseying the Mountain', the players can interact with the Green Teensies by slapping them; they will slap back at Rayman and his friends. The Bubble Dreamer exalts the playable Green Teensy for his ability to inhale flies while snoring (though during the introduction cinematic sequences Goth Teensy is who inhales flies).

During the demostrative demo of Rayman Legends at the E3 2012, an area populated by Green Teensies can be seen. This area is invaded by a gang of evil Livingstones, who attack the Teensies violently, and capture them in cages, transported by small dragons. Through the level, Rayman has to save the Teensies that he finds on his way. While some of them are caught in cages, some can be seen tied. Green Teensies, much like the Electoons, appear to speak perfect english while asking for help, unlike most of the other characters, who speak pig latin and ubbi dubbi.

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