The Reveal

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The Reveal
The Reveal
Mecha No Mistake! Get Away!
World Moody Clouds

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The Reveal is the fifth level of the Moody Clouds, a world in Rayman Origins. This level is where the Magician reveals himself as the mastermind of the diabolical machinery.


The Reveal

In this level, Rayman and the team of heroes start by jumping over a gap that is currently blocked off. In the next room, they find the Magician working on some kind of computer. The Magician sees the team and pulls the star off his hat. He jumps onto the table in the middle of the room, and posters can be seen on the back wall that show that the Magician is a fan of Mr Dark. Then he pulls a lever, and a trapdoor opens under the team, and they fall.

Mecha Carnivora area

Down here, a mechanical version of Carnivora shows up, Mecha Carnivora. Some robots are trying to stop it, but they are unable to and are destroyed. The heroes must then stay ahead of the Mecha Carnivora, avoiding pistons and electricity. After a short time, they must fight Mecha Carnivora in a similar fashion as the real Carnivora.

Mecha Carnivora battle

Mecha Carnivora will jump, and the team must run under it. Then, the team must run up the wall as it charges and bangs its head. A bubo will form on its forehead, and the players must hit it. Then, it will start to walk on the ceiling and start hitting its head on the floor. The team must avoid this until Mecha Carnivora hits its head hard enough for a bubo to form on its underside. It will let go of the ceiling and lay on its head, and once the team hits this bubo, it will be defeated.

Mecha Mockingbird battle

The heroes fall to an area below, where they must fight a mechanical Mockingbird, Mecha Mockingbird. The Mecha Mockingbird flies overhead with a bubo on its underside, dropping eggs. It will then return, snapping its beak at him. The heroes must hit the bubo, or this process will repeat. After hitting the bubo, an updraft appears, which the team can use to fly. The Mecha Mockingbird makes the platform the players were previously on fall, and then it will fly across the screen twice with a group of mecha fish behind it. Afterward, it will hit its head on the ceiling, and a bubo forms. Once the bubo is hit, the Mecha Mockingbird is defeated.

The dance

The team can then ride a platform to the left and get back to the first room of the level. They will walljump up to a switch, and after hitting this switch, what was blocking the gap originally stops. The gang then can return to the room where the Magician was. Here, the Magician falls off the table he was on, and his hat as well. Then, music starts to play. Shortly after, the Magician and the team begin dancing back and forth across the screen. After this ends, the Magician runs away. The heroes must run after him to the next area. Here, the level goes directly into Get Away!.


  • It is possible to collect Lums in this level. Once the players fall down to where the Mecha Carnivora is, the two robots can be hit if done quickly.

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