El Stomacho

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El Stomacho
Chefbig txt.png
Alignment Bad then good

Appears in Rayman Origins, Rayman Legends, Rayman Fiesta Run
Location Luscious Lakes

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Resistance 4 HP
Attacks Eating the heroes, fiery heartburn

Sex Male
Species Dragon

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I feel better now: molto bene!
—El Stomacho, after being released from the grasp of his nightmare form, Rayman Origins
The king's true form

El Stomacho[1] is one of the Four Kings in Rayman Origins. He is the king of the food land (respectively, the Gourmand Land and the Luscious Lakes) and ruler amongst the dragons. He has been turned into a massive dragon suffering severe heartburn when the Bubble Dreamer started having nightmares. He is seen for the first time in the level You're on Fire!, eating an icy mountain, and then vomiting it up to the skies, making several dangerous pieces of ice and oranges fall into the Moskito's path. He takes the major role in the level My Heartburn's for You, where he eats the players whole. El Stomacho is the only king that is not directly fought, as the players have to navigate through the insides of his body to reach his stomach in order to cure his heartburn.

Eventually the player will fall into a small closed area where the final "battle" takes place. This involves continuously dodging and manoeuvring El Stomacho's heartburn whilst being cautious not to fall into the green, poisonous liquid below. At certain intervals, pink weakspots will appear, which when attacked, trigger small cutscenes showing El Stomacho gradually in more and more pain. Each time a weakspot is destroyed, the battle changes to a different phase.

Phase 1 - consists of fire chasing the player from the right, left and then both sides simultaneously. All the player has to do is jump over the obstacle.

Phase 2 - Similar to phase one, with the exception that now the fire spirals in mid - air to which the player must dodge, and jump over in rapid succession.

Phase 3 - In the final phase of the battle, the harmful green liquid at the bottom of the screen rises to fill half the "battle field" and the platform on which the player stands is taken away, replaced with bubbles.

Once four of these weak spots have been attacked, the battle is over. After the battle, the team must escape the chefs belly in a frantic race against time as the stomach starts to fill up with fire. Once Rayman and his friends escape El Stomacho's insides, The monster warps back into his usual, friendly King form and thanks the characters for their help.

Rayman enters El Stomacho's belly.
Phase 2 of the fight.
The King is restored from his nightmare form, thanks to Rayman and his friends.


  1. His name is revealed in Rayman Fiesta Run.