Holly Luya

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Holly Luya
Holly Luya
Alignment Good

Appears in Rayman Origins
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Sex Female
Species Fairy
Status Nymph

Relatives Betilla (sister)

Edith Up (sister)
Annetta Fish (sister)
Helena Handbasket (sister)
Big Mama (sister)
Scrapped nymph (unknown)

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Holly Luya is a character from Rayman Origins. She is one of Betilla's sisters that is imprisoned in the mouth of a Darktoon, and is encountered in the first area of Crazy Bouncing, the first level of the Desert of Dijiridoos. When Rayman, Globox and the Teensies rescue her, she will give them the power to hover, in the same way as Betilla granted Rayman the power to use his hair as a helicopter in the original Rayman game. There's a PlayStation Network trophy/Xbox LIVE Gamerscore achievement, called Beautiful Beats!, which consists in a player rescuing her from a Darktoon.

Character description

Holly is referred to as the Music Nymph. She has long purple-blue hair (though not the longest in the family), wears a light blue bikini top and miniskirt (which is held together with a tooth), and wears the skull of a bird enemy on her head; that, along with her bikini top, are lined with bright green and red feathers. Her skin is noticeably the darkest of the family, and has several bright blue markings on various parts of her body. She also has bandages wrapped around both her ankles and wrists.

In Rayman Origins

When Holly is rescued, she is then seen on the map of the Desert of Dijiridoos before the players reach No Turning Back, which is a level consisting of an Electoon bridge. If the players gather enough Electoons, she will grant them access to this level. Later on she is seen in the Grumbling Grottos, before the players enter To Bubblize a Mocking Bird, the boss level of this world.

When the players reach Riding the Storm, the first level of the Moody Clouds, she is seen along with the other nymphs floating in the top left corner of the portal that leads to the Moody Clouds; once the Mocking Bird is defeated, she is lastly seen meditating.


  • Her name is a play on the word "Hallelujah", a reference to the iconic chorus by Handel.