Helena Handbasket

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Helena Handbasket
Helena Handbasket
Alignment Good

Appears in Rayman Origins
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Sex Female
Species Fairy
Status Nymph

Relatives Betilla the Fairy (sister)

Holly Luya (sister)
Edith Up (sister)
Annetta Fish (sister)
Big Mama (sister)
Scrapped nymph (unknown)

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Helena Handbasket is a character from Rayman Origins. She is one of Betilla's sisters that is imprisoned in the mouth of a Darktoon, and is first encountered in Moseying the Mountain, the first level in the Mystical Pique. When Rayman, Globox and the Teensies rescue her, she gives them the power to run on walls. There's a PlayStation Network trophy/Xbox LIVE Gamerscore achievement, called Nymphs Rock!, which consists in a player rescuing her from a Darktoon.

Character description

Helena is referred to as the Mountain Nymph. She has mid-length blonde hair (noticeably the shortest of the family) and is one of only two nymphs in the family to wear a dress - a blue one, with furry trimmings at the top and bottom. Along with Betilla, she does not wear a hat made from an animal hide or skull, but what appears to be a waterdrop-shaped hat with the same furry trimming. Pieces of the same furry material is also worn around both her ankles and wrists.

Her name is derived from the phrase "hell in a handbasket".

In Rayman Origins

When Helena is rescued, she is then seen on the map of the Mystical Pique before the players reach Way of the Electoons, which is a level consisting of an Electoon bridge. If the players gather enough Electoons, she will grant them access to this level.

When the players reach Riding the Storm, the first level of the Moody Clouds, Helena is seen as the only nymph to stay floating in the centre of the portal that leads to the Moody Clouds, and to chant a spell to open it once all of the Four Kings are defeated. Therefore, she is the only nymph that does not meditate, as there isn't a king that rules the Moody Clouds.