Pencil Pentathlon

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Pencil Pentathlon
Pencil Pentathlon
Eraser Plains Space Mama's Crater

Pencil Pentathlon (French: Panique aux PunaisesThumbtack Panic) is the second level of Picture City, the fourth world of the original Rayman game. Despite its name, it always consists of three parts.

Part 1

Rayman must be careful not to fall from ink-covered erasers, but the speed makes things much harder.

Part 2

Drawing pins, pencils and fountain pens must be avoided at all cost

In this phase, Rayman finds a Super Helicopter potion, which allows him to fly through the level. However, he has to move very carefully in order to avoid the prickly items that stand on his way.

Part 3

Rayman has to go down this pile of rebounding erasers

Bouncy and slippery erasers play an important role in this hard level, where all of Rayman's moves have to be calculated.

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