Robot Dinosaur

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Robot Dinosaur
Robot Dinosaur
Alignment Bad

Appears in Rayman 2
Location The Iron Mountains

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Resistance Invincible
Attacks Charging

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The Robot Dinosaur is an invincible enemy from Rayman 2 and its remakes. It goes unnamed in all versions but the PlayStation version.


The Robot Dinosaur is a gigantic, remote-controlled robot with a head resembling that of a Teensie, along with two raptor-like legs. It tends to hop like a large bird and makes noises almost like a chicken. It can be seen pecking the ground at times.

The Robot Dinosaur was used by the Spyglass Pirate to search the Iron Mountains for the fourth mask of Polokus. If anything escaped, it would persistently chase down the escapee.

In Rayman 2

The Robot Dinosaur does not appear until the second phase of the Iron Mountains. It is dangerous for Rayman to approach it, but otherwise helpful: its jumping makes a crate bounce just high enough for Rayman to enter the Reformatory for Disturbing Children and rescue the baby Globoxes. Similarly a crate bounces inside the Reformatory; this allows Rayman to reach the Reformatory's roof.

However, once Rayman reaches the roof, the Robot Dinosaur's role is another story completely. After Rayman, riding a walking shell, releases Globox's children from the Reformatory, Rayman will find himself back where he first encountered the Robot Dinosaur. This time, the Robot Dinosaur will give chase to Rayman and attempt to stomp on him. Due to the fragile nature of the walking shell, Rayman must ensure that he does not come into contact with the Robot Dinosaur, as it will cause him to lose health and respawn back into the Reformatory.

Despite its harmful tactics, by chasing Rayman, it can destroy menhirs that were covering Yellow Lums, and allow Rayman to collect them. In order to escape the Robot Dinosaur, Rayman must use the walking shell to cross a broken bridge leading to a cave, the walking shell will give Rayman extra airtime to quickly jump off and reach the other side.

PlayStation version

The exception to the rule is the PlayStation version of Rayman 2. In the other versions, the Robot Dinosaur stands guard outside the Reformatory for Disturbing Children, in this version, it is situated within the pen that the captive baby Globoxes inhabit. Once the babies have been freed, the Robot Dinosaur will attempt to chase them, but will fall over as the Spyglass Pirate has forgotten to put fuel in the Robot Dinosaur's tank, rendering the Robot Dinosaur inert.

The unlockable 2D prototype version of Rayman 2 also features a Robot Dinosaur. Rayman could jump on it and ride it, and could also smash its head and turn it into a platform.