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Menhirs in Rayman 2.

Menhirs are carven standing stones which are found throughout the Rayman series.

Menhirs first appear in Rayman 2. In this game, they appear as tall, rounded, greenish stones. They can be found in several levels throughout the game, most notably the Menhir Hills. Many Menhirs dot the landscape. In the level's final phase, Rayman must ride a walking shell through a series of passages while Menhirs grow from the ground, making the ride more difficult. Rayman must manoeuvre the speeding shell around the obstacle Menhirs or risk damage. This is the only level in which Menhirs move. In a later level, the Iron Mountains, Rayman encounters a Robot Dinosaur in a field of Menhirs. The Robot Dinosaur's ground-shaking movements cause these Menhirs to bounce, revealing that Yellow Lums lie hidden beneath some of them. With the help of a walking shell, Rayman can lure the Robot Dinosaur after him, tricking it into crushing and destroying the Menhirs. This allow Rayman to collect the Yellow Lums that were hidden beneath them.

Menhirs reappear in Rayman: Hoodlums' Revenge. In this game there are five Menhirs; they are arranged to form a standing-stone at the beginning of the level Menhirs of Power. These Menhirs are irregularly shaped, and are purplish grey in colour. Each one is bears a unique blue inscription. Around the level are hidden a set of five corresponding magic rune stones, each inscribed with the same insignia as its Menhir counterpart. Rayman must collect these five runes and bring each one to its respective Menhir; uniting a rune stone with a Menhir causes the Menhir's symbol to change to a glowing yellow. When all five Menhirs have been activated, the gate beside the level's exit sign swings open, and the player can pass through it to complete the level.