Reformatory for Disturbing Children

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The Reformatory for Disturbing Children is a Robo-Pirate prison located in the Iron Mountains in all versions of Rayman 2.

The Reformatory is situated on a small, floating island (which can only be reached via a hot air balloon), with lots of menhirs and a Robot Dinosaur patrolling the area. 26 Yellow Lums are found here, as well as 1 Familiar Spirit. The main inhabitants of the Reformatory are various Robo-Pirates (including one Gorilla Pirate) guarding the prisoners (baby Globoxes), the Spyglass Pirate (who maintains control of the island, as he is shown controlling the Robot Dinosaur) and a walking shell. It consists mainly of a large building with various rooms and bridges connecting them. Below the rooms is a pit of lava. The baby Globoxes play outside more than inside, and are often found running away from a Robo-Pirate's shots in a small arena, with two switches on either side of it.

As Rayman gets off of the balloon he is travelling on, he decides to make his way into the Reformatory. Sadly, the only exit is locked, so a different approach is required; Rayman must jump on a crate next to a high tube and wait for the Robot Dinosaur to jump, sending the crate high into the air. Rayman must slide down the tube to enter the Reformatory. A sign on the left erected by Robo-Pirates (which is also guarded by one) reads 'Reformatory for Disturbing Children'. Rayman cannot cross the lava under his feet, instead he must make his way up a bridge above it to get to another crate which can 'jump'. Rayman goes down a pipe and automatically lands on a walking shell.

The rest of the level is fairly linear. Signs on the walls and ceiling indicate which way Rayman must go. Rayman must follow these signs to find the arena. He has to run over two switches to open the door. The baby Globoxes escape, but the Robot Dinosaur is quick to follow Rayman's progress and chases him down. Rayman must jump over a gap and into a cave to reach the end of the Reformatory.