Barrel Pirate

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Barrel Pirate
Barrel Pirate
Alignment Bad

Appears in Rayman 2
Location Whale Bay, the Echoing Caves, the Top of the World

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Resistance 20 HP (PC, Nintendo 64, Dreamcast)

30 HP (PlayStation)
14 HP[1] (PlayStation 2)

Attacks Electrical beam, toxic gas bombs (PC, Nintendo 64, Dreamcast, PlayStation 2)

Spherical electrical projectiles (PlayStation)

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Species Robo-Pirate

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Barrel Pirates are a rare and powerful model of Robo-Pirates which appear in all versions of Rayman 2. They are notable for their difficulty to take down, and first appear in Whale Bay.

Barrel Pirates resemble oversized barrels with mechanical legs. On their tops are mounted electrical cannons, and a pair of eyes can also be seen peeking out of a visor on each one. They can often be found stomping around hallways and guarding certain Robo-Pirate fortresses.

Barrel Pirates are mobile, but not very manoeuvrable. At a long range, they attack Rayman by throwing toxic gas bombs at him, while they fire unavoidable beams of paralysing electricity when he gets closer.

Barrel Pirates are given greatest prominence in the PlayStation version, in which their projectiles are different. While they fire damaging electrical orbs from their cannon, they can also retract into their barrels like tortoises withdrawing into their shells; it is impossible for them to attack or be damaged while in this defensive state, and it also serves as a camouflage in some instances.

Barrel Pirates are powerful enemies, and can prove difficult for Rayman to defeat when confronted directly; however, their high resistance is compensated by the fact that the time gap between each effective energy ball is considerably lower than that of other Robo-Pirates. While they take more hits to defeat in the PlayStation version of the game, they are notably weaker in the PlayStation 2 version.

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  1. The exact resistance of Barrel Pirates in Rayman Revolution is 119/9 (13.222…) hit points. They take thirteen yellow shots and two white shots to defeat.