The Fairy Glade

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Free me Rayman! Find the machine and destroy it!
Ly the Fairy, Rayman 2

The Fairy Glade or the Fairy's Glade is a location in Rayman 2. It follows the Woods of Light and is the second level in all versions of the game but the Game Boy Color version, in which it is the first level. This is where Rayman enters the Robo-Pirate stronghold where Ly the Fairy is held captive and eventually frees her.

The Fairy Glade
The Fairy Glade
The Woods of Light The Marshes of Awakening
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Lums 50 Cages 7

Original version

The Spiral Door in the Hall of Doors which takes Rayman to the Fairy Glade.

Phase 1

When Rayman emerges through the Spiral Door, he arrives in a small area of land which is connected by a wooden bridge to tiny island with a bouncy mushroom in the centre. Underwater, there is a little cave in which the first cage is found. If Rayman bounces on the mushroom, he will be propelled to the underside of a giant branch that grows right through the area, and hang onto the vines growing there. At the other side, there is a passage that leads to a body of water that is infested by piranha, meaning that Rayman cannot swim there, but he can cross it with lily pads. There are then four ledges on the wall, which leads Rayman to the other end of the branch, where a switch is found. This opens a wooden gate, where two baby Globoxes are standing by. This then leads to a small stream that takes Rayman to a lake of water that is being polluted by oil coming from a pump. In this version of the game, Rayman cannot turn it off, but he can climb on it and take the passage out of this area.

Phase 2

At first, this area seems short, but later on, a special part of the area can only be accessed via the Echoing Caves; which means that the cage seen inside the pirate building on left, can only be accessed through that level. It starts with a giant tree covered with vines, and at the bottom is a set of wooden bars from which caterpillars emerge. Rayman has to climb to the very top of the tree, and then slide down a stream, taking a passage that leads to another body of piranha-infested water. Along one side of the wall is covered with a trail of vines, which Rayman must climb on to cross.

Phase 3

Rayman is now at the pirate stronghold in which Ly the Fairy is imprisoned, and it is guarded by a Robo-Pirate that constantly throws burning kegs at him. On the ground is a metal sparadrap, which can be broken by one of these. To the left is a small area with a piranha infested pond, where another cage is hidden. Once Rayman goes down the hole where the sparadrap was, he drops down into an underground passage. Rayman has to cross a pool of green liquid by hopping on the wooden boxes, and then climb a wall covered with cobwebs (while avoiding falling kegs) to infiltrate the building.

Once inside, Rayman notices another switch, guarded by a sleeping Robo-Pirate, but it is out of his reach, so he will have to walk around the area to get up there. Murfy then arrives to warn Rayman about the pirates he will face, and teaches him how to lock-on to them. Then a purple Henchman 800 arrives, and once it is defeated, Rayman will enter another room in which kegs are supplied. He can either use it to defeat another sleeping purple Henchman 800, or find a secret room locked with a metal sparadrap, in which another cage is hidden. Once that pirate is defeated, a metal grating will descend, which Rayman can climb on, and then he will hang on to some netting on the ceiling.

Then there is a pit of acid, covered by some bouncy netting and guarded by electric beams which can electrocute Rayman. Up the wall is a switch that will open the door at the top. Now he has found the other switch, and once he flicks it and defeats the purple Henchman 800 guarding it, he can proceed down the corridor.

Ly is imprisoned in a pirate stronghold deep in the Glade.

Phase 4

Still in the corridor and having to avoid more moving electric beams, Rayman finds a clearing, in which Ly the Fairy is held prisoner in an electric forcefield. There is a tunnel at ground level which leads to a machine that is generating the electricity. It seems to have three weak spots, which are indicated by the metal sparadraps, but flying bombs will periodically spew from it to stop Rayman breaking the machine with kegs. Once the machine is destroyed, Ly will be free, and after a conversation with him, she will give him a Silver Lum, which gives him the power to hang onto Purple Lums by simply shooting them, and then departs.

Rayman then has to climb back to the top of the netted ladder, shoot the Purple Lum to cross the gap, and then run into a building that leads to a giant metal pipe.

Phase 5

Several pipes are embedded in a deep chasm, and the pump oil into a pool at the bottom. Another cage is found there, guarded by a purple Henchman 800. Once he is at the bottom, Rayman will enter a vast chamber full of swirling air currents that will help him fly higher when he activates his helicopter. A couple of these are decoys, but will still contain Yellow Lums. At the very top of this area, there is a small wooden building in which the final cage is found, and it has a Teensie trapped inside. He will then open up an exit for Rayman.

The Fairy Glade
The Fairy Glade
The Woods of Light The Marshes of Awakening
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Lums 50 Cages 7

Dreamcast version

This level is almost identical to that of the original version, yet graphically enhanced, but with a few differences:

  • In phase 1, at the polluted lake, the path leading to the oil-dumping pump is broken in one spot, where a piranha fish jumps in and out of the water, requiring Rayman to deal with the fish and jump over the gap. This change was possibly made to give meaning to the piranha warning sign present in the area.
  • In phase 2, in the area where Rayman encounters the first caterpillar and climbs a tree, the vines no longer wrap around the tree continuously. Instead, Rayman needs to jump from vine to vine.
  • In phase 3, a purple Henchman 800 is found on the boxes in the pool of acid underneath the Robo-Pirate stronghold, instead of a trail of timed Red Lums. Another purple Henchman 800 is also found in the tunnel leading to the machine that powers Ly's prison in phase 4, and a purple Henchman 800 shooting flying bombs appears near the air currents area in phase 5.
  • At the bottom of the polluted chasm in phase 5, there is the first of 6 Glob Crystals, which are used to unlock minigames in the Globox Village, which Rayman can now access now that he has the power to swing on Purple Lums.
The Fairy Glade
The Fairy Glade
The Clearing The Marshes of Awakening
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Lums 60 Denys 4 Ludivs 2 Murphys 0

PlayStation version

There are many changes to the level design of this level, phases 1 and 2 have been combined, and phase 5 has been removed, meaning that there are only 3 phases in this version. The entire area of the level also seems to be a Robo-Pirate harvesting outpost, given the pipes that collect oil and harvest it.

Phase 1

In this area, there is no water to swim in other than a shallow pool, though the small bouncy mushroom island is still there, as is the giant branch with plant life growing underneath. But instead of the passage that leads to the switch at the top, there is another bouncy mushroom to use, and the switch opens the wooden gate as normal. A cage with a Ludiv is found, though there is no small waterfall to avoid. Then Rayman will go through the passage beyond the door, slide down a smaller stream than in the original version, and find the area with the oil pump.

This time, Ly will tell Rayman that this pump needs to be turned off, and the Rayman can swim in the water. But first he has to float on a giant barrel, and jump on bouncy mushroom to reach the switch that turns off the pump. Once Rayman is in the water, he has to swim through an underwater passage that leads to the giant vine-covered tree that he will have to climb. Strangely enough, he encounters Antitoons in this area, perhaps as an allusion to the original Rayman game. As he climbs up the tree, he will find another Ludiv cage, then he will come across the wall covered with vines just as before. The special area that is accessed through the Echoing Caves is not present in this version.

Phase 2

As before, there is the pirate stronghold and the pirate that throws burning kegs, though there is no secret passage. The underground passage and the wall of cobwebs is the same as before, but this time as Rayman climbs up, he has Yellow Lums to collect. After defeating the pirate, he will enter a room that has a Deny cage at ground level, and Antitoons inside, and instead of grating, Rayman has to climb on giant wooden boxes to get to the netted ceiling. The rest of this phase is the same as before.

Phase 3

Instead of electric beams, the corridor in this area is guarded by red lasers that will just hurt Rayman. As before, he will find the clearing in which Ly is imprisoned and destroy the machine that powers it. Once Rayman is given the Silver Lum and use the Purple Lum to cross the gap, instead of jumping between two walls, there is a ladder, and a Pirate. Once that is defeated, he will find the Teensie cage, and then exit the level.

The Fairy's Glade
The Fairy's Glade
The Woods of Light The Bayou
Hub The Minisaurus Plain

Lums 80 Familiar Spirits 10

PlayStation 2 version

Rayman Revolution also sees many changes applied to the Fairy Glade. As a result, more backtracking will be required to find all the Yellow Lums and cages.

  • The first change is that in the waters in phase 1, there are no Blue Lums but rather a stream of small air bubbles Rayman will have to breathe from.
  • Rayman will encounter a Robo-Pirate in the passage that leads to the first switch of the level.
  • In the area with the oil pump, not only is there another pirate, there is also a yellow mushroom. Above it is a Purple Lum and three Yellow Lums, but Rayman will have to return to that once he gets the power to swing onto Purple Lums.
  • In phase 2, at the area with the tree covered with vines, there is another pirate at ground level. Then in the next area, there is a funny looking plant that has to be watered with the Rain Mask later on in the game. When it grows, it can then be used to access the area of the level which in previous versions, could be backtracked via the Echoing Caves.
  • In phase 3, instead of the passage in the left of the pirate stronghold, there is now a ledge in which there is a tiny yellow mushroom. Like the plant earlier on, this has to be watered with the Rain Mask, and once it is grown, Rayman can eat it. Alluding to the blue elves in the original Rayman game, this mushroom will make him shrink, and then he can squeeze through a hole in a pile of rocks and find the hidden cage. He will have to defeat a pirate while he is still tiny, too. Another Yellow mushroom is then found, grown and eaten to bring him back to normal size.
  • The underground passage with the pool of acid and cobwebbed wall remains the same, but this time, the door is barred with electric bars which have to be deactivated with a switch. Then, there is no clearing in this area, but rather a room with with a book cabinet.
  • In the room with the kegs, a metal sparadrap on the pipes needs to be destroyed to lower the metal grating. The secret room with the cage also appears to have three small prisons. There is no netting on the ceiling, but rather a wooden floor, and the switch that opens the door is on another wall. Then, near the extra pirate, there is a dining room, and then Rayman finds the switch that will deactivate the electric bars, and moves on.
  • Phase 4 holds the most notable of differences in level design. Instead of a clearing, there is a prison, full of cages and rooms in which a number of Yellow Lums are found. Instead of one machine that powers Ly's prison, it is a cluster of many machines, though the three weaknesses are still there. One machine has a hidden cage.
  • In phase 4, if Rayman keeps to the far left of the pipe he stands on, the machine automatically destroys the helicopter bombs it produces.
  • Phase 5 also sees a number of changes, namely in the textures of the environment, and in the area with the air currents, parachuting pirates will descend. There is also a secret passage that leads to a cage which is accessed with a Purple Lum.
Fairy Glade
Fairy Glade
The Buccaneer (escape) Marshes of Awakening

Lums 78 Cages 3

Game Boy Color version

In Rayman 2 Forever, the Fairy Glade is the opening level, skipping the Woods of Light. The subplot of freeing Ly is removed, although she does still appear at the end. She tells Rayman to find the Masks of Polokus but does not explain why, nor does she give him the power to hang from Purple Lums (although the flying rings, this version's equivalent of Purple Lums, do not appear prior to this moment so she may still have given it to him). The music is an edited version of the Canopy.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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