Tomb of the Ancients

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The Tomb of the Ancients is a location in the Glade of Dreams and a level in Rayman 2. This is where Clark the Giant was taken to for a check-up. The Robo-Pirates use this place as one of their strongholds, and many signs of their occupation, such as their haphazard wooden constructions, are visible.

In the PC, Nintendo 64, Sega Dreamcast and Nintendo 3DS version of the game, a secret area can be found in the last phase of the Tomb of the Ancients. For more information, see Tomb of the Ancients secret.

Tomb of the Ancients
Tomb of the Ancients
Beneath the Sanctuary of Rock and Lava The Iron Mountains
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Lums 50 Cages 6

Original version

A Zombie Chicken hologram represents the Tomb of the Ancients in the Hall of Doors.

Phase 1

As the player enters the level for the first time, a short cutscene is played. The Spyglass Pirate informs Admiral Razorbeard that Rayman has retrieved the third mask. A furious Razorbeard warns him to make sure Rayman doesn't get the last mask. The level then begins with Rayman emerging from a Spiral Door onto some stairs. Once he climbs down he encounters a Robo-Pirate sign saying that ’Clark was captured here before being brought to the Technical Check-up.’ After hitting a switch that opens a door, Rayman is attacked by a spider through a tomb until he reaches a few platforms sticking out of the water. Here, he must descend into the pit to activated a switch, while being pursued by a spider, and then escalate out using the spider web. Then, climbing on to previous platforms, he reaches a passage with three possible routes. The left one leads to another platforming section where he has to avoid a Red Henchman 800, a spider and a disembodied arm similar to the one encountered in the Cave of Bad Dreams. There is a crashed warship in this section. The right one is a graveyard with more disembodied arms and another Red Henchman 800. Both of these contain switches that must be activated in order to progress further. Once the switches have been activated, Rayman must return to the passage and go forward, jumping across platforms and avoiding piranhas. Once he reaches the uppermost platform he has to jump down a hole to get to the next stage.

The last platforming part features a secret passage which the player can access by jumping to the left once near the end of the phase. In the wall is a gap where a secret room can be found down some stairs. In this room, the player will have to fight several waves of Henchmen 800 before finding the 1000th Yellow Lum necessary to obtain 100% completion of the game. If this Lum remains uncollected, the game will be 99.9% complete, and even after it is collected the game screen will only display a total of 999 Yellow Lums.

How to get secret 1000th Lum (at 4:00).

Phase 2

Rayman finds himself in front of a gate. After shooting the nearby cogs enough times to fully open it, Rayman jumps down onto a floating keg. He then rides the floating kegs and maneuvers up spiderwebs to reach the next barrel, avoiding electrical fences, zombie chickens and Henchmen 800s. A shortcut exists here where the player can skip a portion of the level by not entering a pipe. This phase also appears as two phases in the Nintendo 64 and Nintendo DS versions. After executing another platform jump, Rayman once again rides a floating keg where he must avoid a pirate throwing kegs at him from higher ground and then climb up into the pirate stronghold and defeat him. Once the pirate is defeated, a Purple Lum will appear. Rayman must use this Purple Lum to reach a net and climb up towards the next phase.

Phase 3

The final phase begins with Rayman running across a narrow stretch of ground with polluted water towards the left, before reaching a door with a small pirate sign saying ‘Technical Check-up’ adjacent to it. (It is at this point that the entrance to the Tomb of the Ancients secret is hidden.) After opening the Technical Check-Up door, a small cutscene plays where Rayman and Clark are initially overjoyed to find each other before it is revealed that Clark has had a controlling device implanted on his back and is being controlled by the Spyglass Pirate from another room.

A boss fight ensues in which Rayman must activate a laser by hitting three switches, then tricking Clark into tripping over it in order to attack the controlling device. Once the controlling device is destroyed, Clark is restored to his normal self. Rayman climbs onto Clark's back to destroy the final cage, freeing a Teensie who then opens a Spiral Door. Rayman is then transported back to the Hall of Doors.

Tomb of the Ancients
Tomb of the Ancients
Beneath the Sanctuary of Rock and Lava The Iron Mountains
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Lums 50 Cages 6

Dreamcast version

The level is identical to the original version, barring a few graphical enhancements such as the presence of bats. Notably, the secret area at the end of the level has been finished and is now accessible via a button code.

Tomb of the Ancients
Tomb of the Ancients
Beneath the Sanctuary of Rock and Lava Gloomy Island
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Lums 20 Denys 0 Ludivs 4 Murphys 0

PlayStation version

The first phase of the original is completely removed. The rest of the level is also edited in the form of were the start and end of each phase occurs. Alternate passages and forks has been omitted, making the level much more linear and straightforward. Overall, however, the general layout is similar, and the level still concludes with the battle against the hypnotised Clark.

Although the area depicted in the loading screen is part of the first stage of the original version, it does not actually appear in the PlayStation version.

The Tomb of the Ancients
Tomb of the Ancients
Beneath the Lava Sanctuary The Iron Mountains
Hub Globox's House

Lums 50 Familiar Spirits 5

PlayStation 2 version

In this version, Rayman discovers a treasure chest in the Technical Check-up after rescuing Clark, and upon opening it finds the Lums Radar, a magnet-like device that points the way to nearby Yellow Lums. He finds the 1000th Yellow Lum in the same chest. The secret location in phase 1, which contained the 1000th Yellow Lum in the original versions, is still present, and contains a few ordinary Yellow Lums. Therefore, Rayman must visit it to achieve 100% completion.

Whilst no real reason was ever given as to why Rayman went to the Tomb in the other versions of the game, he is specifically instructed to go here to rescue Clark in this version. In the other versions, Rayman appears to stumble across Clark solely by chance, and was simply passing through. This may be because the other games used the Hall of Doors as a level selector, where Clark does not need to do anything: whereas in Revolution, the game can not progress without Clark to open the way to the Iron Mountains, due to Revolution's use of a free roaming world map.

If Rayman destroys any Robo-Pirates and then revisits the level, they are replaced by Zombie Pirates.

Tomb of the Ancients
Tomb of the Ancients
Sanctuary of Rock & Lava Ending scene →

Lums 86 Cages 3

Game Boy Color version

In Rayman 2 Forever, the Tomb of the Ancients directly follows the Sanctuary of Rock and Lava, and this is where Rayman fights the final boss, which is just a drilling Henchman 800.

Part 1

Part 2

Bonus level

Part 3

Part 4


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