The Minisaurus Plain

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The Minisaurus Plain
The Minisaurus Plain
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Hub The Fairy's Glade, the Bayou, the Sanctuary of Water and Ice, the Marshes of Awakening, the Cave of Bad Dreams

Lums 30 Familiar Spirits 0

The Minisaurus Plain is a location exclusive to Rayman Revolution, and is the first of the game's three free-roaming hub levels.


The Minisaurus Plain consists of a large field in which the Minisaurus live, with a beach on one end, where the Pier is, and a forest on the other, where one of the three Teensie Circles can be found. It also comprises the Marshlands, the Pier, the East Plain and Ly's House.

In the game

Rayman learning to swim.

Free Ly

Rayman first arrives here after taking the first Spiral Door in the game from the Woods of Light. Immediately, he is thrown into a swimming tutorial with Murfy and a baby Globox. Once this is completed, Murfy instructs him in throwing spheres with his fists (in this version he has just gained this power) by throwing attacks at a scarecrow. Murfy leaves once this is done, telling Rayman to find the Teensie Circle.

This is where the game becomes less linear. Rayman will be warned by a baby Globox that the Minisaurus are attacking on the plain, but does not have to go there yet. If he does cross the plain, however, he can reach the Marshlands, but cannot proceed yet as he needs the ability to swing from Purple Lums.

Also accessible is a beach, but little can be done there now. A baby Globox will tell Rayman that his friend Bzzit is being held somewhere.

If he explores the woodland, he may be ambushed by pirates. Clark will arrive to save him, however. Past this area, he finds a meadow where baby Globoxes are being bothered by Robo-Pirates and can step in to help them. Ly's House also lies near here, but visiting is pointless as Ly is currently held in the Fairy Glade. The path to Globox's House is here, but cannot be used yet as it is blocked off.

Rayman can reach the Teensie Circle in the woodland, where he will be told to find the Fairy Glade near the plain. The first Magic Well can be found under the Teensie Circle. Once all this is done (or not), Rayman can go to the Fairy Glade.

Free Bzzit

The Pier, where Bzzit will appear once Rayman frees him in the Bayou.

When he next visits the plain, Rayman is aware of the Four Masks of Polokus and must attempt to find them. At the Teensie Circle the Teensies tell him that he must reach the "The Lost Island" (where the Sanctuary of Water and Ice is located) but needs Bzzit's help to get there. He is instructed to go to the Bayou to help him.

Ly is now at her house, as Rayman freed her during the last level. The player can begin to access the mini-games depending on how many cages have been broken.

Now Rayman must cross the plain, evading the Minisaurus as he goes. At the Marshlands, he can now reach either the Bayou or the Marshes of Awakening (thanks to Ly giving him the power to swing on Purple Lums) but only needs to go to the former immediately.

Bzzit is free

Once Bzzit is freed from the Bayou, there is little change at the plain. Once Rayman has made any preparations necessary, he can go to the beach and travel in a boat pushed by Bzzit to the Lost Island, where the first sanctuary and the mask it contains await.

To Globox's House

Main article: Globox's House

With the first mask obtained, Rayman must travel to Globox's House, but the path is blocked by a door set up by the pirates. Fortunately, the Teensies employ Clark to help Rayman advance. At the meadow near Ly's House, Rayman meets Clark again and the giant smashes down the door. Rayman can now move closer to the second mask.

To the Marshes

Rayman must make one last trip to the Plain however, when Clark is injured at the Menhir Hills. Rayman must go to the Marshes of Awakening and find the Cave of Bad Dreams where the elixir Clark needs is located.

Nothing left to do here

After completion of the Cave of Bad Dreams there is nothing more compulsory at the plain. Rayman can carry on with his quest in the other parts of the map, or alternatively remain at the Plain to find any Yellow Lums and/or cages he has missed.

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