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Alignment Neutral

Appears in Rayman 3
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Status Background character

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The tortoise is a venerable traveller and only dies if he eats too many hash browns and has a little accident in its shell.
—In-game description, Rayman 3

Tortoises are background characters in Rayman 3, that can usually be found crawling about on the ground. Rayman can pick them up and walk around with them, kick them or shoot a Shock Rocket at them, sending them spinning through the air. They then complain about Rayman's actions in a humourous manner. Tortoises speak in old, croaking voices, and sometimes two tortoises can be seen being affectionate with one another (though they quickly stop if Rayman approaches). Tortoises can be found in the Fairy Council, Clearleaf Forest and the Land of the Livid Dead.

Hecklers have a strong affinity for tortoises; this is why they wear protective armour all around their bodies. Globox says he can see a turtle while in the Fairy Council, and asks if he can come into its shell with it.



  • Ooh! The young people today...
  • In my days this kind of nonsense was not allowed!
  • Oh! My dentures! I've lost my dentures!
  • Help! Police!
  • No respect! No respect!
  • Ooh! My heart! Ow. Oh... my bladder!
  • You haven't heard at least of me, young man!
  • Ooh! My pills! Hurry!
  • Ah! If I was three-hundred years younger!
  • Disgraceful!
  • Ah! Your parents should have put you in military school!
  • You need a caning!