Rain Dance

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Globox performing the Rain Dance on a plant.

The Rain Dance, also known as the Gift, is an ability used by Globox and his family in Rayman 2. In the Canopy, Globox helps Rayman by creating rain clouds that rain on obstacles such as fire, electric bars and plants. By making it rain on the plants they will grow and reveal their full shape which will be of use to the player in the level. Upon revisiting the Canopy, Globox will not be there to perform the Rain Dance, instead everything will be like after the player left the level with the plants already grown and the fires already extinguished. However, this is not the case in the PlayStation version of the game where Globox will return to the level each time when revisiting it.

In Rayman Revolution, this is also a power which Rayman gets from one of the baby Globoxes as a reward for rescuing his brethren from the mines in the Pirate Mines. Rayman can then use this power on certain objects, such as plants, just as Globox could to allow the player to access new areas he could not access previously. Rayman can also use this power to deactivate lasers, which is required to enter the Echoing Caves.

Official concept art of Globox performing a Rain Dance in front of Rayman.