Chilli Pepper

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Chilli Pepper
Chilli Pepper
Alignment Bad

Appears in Rayman Origins
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Resistance 3 HP[1] (Aim for the Eel!)

1 HP (Dragon Soup)

Attacks Fiery snoring

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Chilli Peppers are gigantic living red chilli peppers with golden bracelets that inhabit the Mexican-themed Infernal Kitchens of the Gourmand Land in Rayman Origins. They can be found sleeping on pools of lava, as hot streams of lava come out from their mouths intermittently while they snore; the heroes must avoid their fiery snorings and attack them in order to advance. There are only two visible chilli peppers in the game; one at the end of the level 'Aim for the Eel!', and another one on the level 'Dragon Soup'. In 'Aim for the Eel', Rayman and his Moskito must face the sleeping Chilli Pepper before leaving the Gourmand Land; 10 moskito shots are required to beat him, and can't be sucked by the Moskito. In 'Dragon Soup', the remaining Chilli Pepper is situated at the end of the penultimate phase of the area; in order to reach him, players must jump on beans without touching the dangerous lava, avoid several trap forks, and scale through floating spoons to get to the top of the area, all of this while avoiding the Chilli Pepper's fiery snorings. The players then must use a chain of small chillis attached to the roof to reach him without touching his pool and jump on his head. Chilli Peppers seem to be some of the few enemies that don't bubblize when killed, although they could just be temporaly stunned, as they apparently faint and slowly sink into the lava pool. Chilli Peppers are particularly characterized by their screams when defeated, as they perform the classical Wilhelm scream.

Although they don't seem to attack the heroes on purpose (as they are asleep), Chilli Peppers are referred by the Bubble Dreamer as a gang of bad guys that bullied the Fire Teensie and deformed him with their multiple abuses. A particular Chilli Pepper wearing a crown and a medallion can be seen as a background element during the second trailer of the game, although he never made an appearance in the final version of the game. However, he is referred in the game's files as the Jalapeño King. Chilli Peppers also seem to be based on the Jalapeño Peppers from Tonic Trouble.


  1. The exact resistance of the Chilli Pepper in Aim for the Eel! is 5/2 (2.5) hit points. It takes ten mosquito shots to defeat.