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The Pirate-Community Documentary

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~ Documentary Begins ~


August 2003

> The new Pirate-Community forum is created by Hunchman801 on Thursday, August 7th 2003, 6:56 PM. It is divided into French, English and German forums, but there are more forums in the French part.
> The rank list is created and the French Ranks topic is posted.
> It officially opens on August 8th 2003. Scores of members from RaymanZone are invited and join.
> ALIEN324 and Dark Lums are made French moderators.
> Silverlumbb and Goldfistbb are made English moderators.
> Moderator Silverlumbb leaves.
> The German forums are deleted for inactivity, while the French and English parts are amazingly active.
> Hunchman leaves to Turkey for two weeks, and he must close the forum because the hoster is complaining about the heavy traffic generated by the board. He will meet miss_ceres_online there.
> Hunchman comes back and re-opens the board. Members immediately return.

September 2003

> Thanks to Xaor's idea, the English category is improved and several forums are merged in the French category, so that both parts are on an equal footing.
> Moderators ALIEN324 and Dark Lums leave.
> Supmachin is made a French moderator.
> Le Knockeur, PhoenixG, Skateboarder and Ray2master are made English moderators.

October 2003

> Important topics, such as the rank list, are also posted in the English boards.
> Members can now earn Tings by posting, advertising, and making people join.
> Miss_Ceres_Online and Nikkoss are made French moderators.

November 2003

> Renny Spanky has a small argument with Goldfistbb, both accusing each other of spamming.
> Moderator Goldfistbb leaves.

December 2003

> Renny Spanky criticises and flames Gigaman for spamming and posting in a bad English.
> The board is closed for one week in order to fix many glitches, especially the No-Tings bug, which prevented members from getting Tings by posting.
> The site is hacked by an unidentified intruder and fully restored the same day, with no content being lost.
> Jeremus, who hates off-topic discussions, has an argument with Miss_Ceres_Online and Nikkoss who will soon make him leave.
> Renny Spanky tries to put his differences with Gigaman and The Knocker to one side, and tries to diffuse the situation between them.
> Moderator Skateboarder leaves.
> Renny Spanky leaves, insulting Gigaman.


January 2004

> Hunchman starts working on RaymanRPG, an online RPG linked to the board.
> Angel has arguments with The Knocker and criticises Gigaman too, and then leaves, insulting them.
> Comment ? and Paolo start posting ridiculous messages, which gets on members' nerves.
> Blackorb creates topics to recruit members for ARZO, the Anti RaymanZone Organisation, which has long existed.

February 2004

> Pourquoi ? also starts posting ridiculous messages, and he creates the Jlfksjlfl club with Comment ?, in order to fight “stupid members”: actually everyone who laughs at them.
> Christiaens is made a French moderator.

March 2004

> Everything is running smoothly for Pirate-Community.

April 2004

> Many irrelevant messages are posted by med and dark-ruby.
> Moderator Christiaens leaves.

May 2004

> The Rayman Headquarter, Gigaman's forum, merges with PC. All posts and members from RHQ are moved to PC. Once in PC, a few topics are messed up, which confuses members.
> Gigaman is made an English Moderator.
> Pourquoi ? comes back as Canard WC and starts criticizing med and dark-ruby.
> Paolo joins the Jlfksjlfl club and starts posting ridiculous messages again.
> Moderator PhoenixG leaves.
> GameNerd is made an English moderator.
> Paolo demands special powers for the Jlfksjlfl club, which is obviously refused.

June 2004

> Comment ? returns at Canard WC's request and gets in many fights with Gunchman888.
> The new rank list is available.
> Paolo, who has already flooded RaymanZone with hundreds of spam posts in the past, tries recruiting members to spam it again.

July 2004

> Moderator GameNerd leaves.
> Moderators Miss_Ceres_Online and The Knocker are made respectively French and English global moderators.

August 2004

> Pirate-Community celebrates its first birthday.
> Global moderators are now able to ban members.
> ray_2004 joins the Jlfksjlfl on the 23rd.

September 2004

> ray_2004 leaves the Jlfksjlfl on the 13th.
> The Jlfksjlfl begin to blend in as more users realise their main goal is to fight spammers.
> Moderator Supmachin leaves.

October 2004

> The forum is rather inactive.
> Following Comment ?'s initiative to bring old members back, the activity rises.

November 2004

> Allah Allix gets a Teletubby avatar for posting useless messages.
> As jinzo, a notorious spammer, returns, Hunchman fools him into believing that his presence triggers critical glitches. Jinzo then begins posting as a guest, using the oxymoronic “jinzo l'anti spammeurs” (“jinzo the anti-spammer”, with a superfluous S) nickname.

December 2004

> ray_2004 joins the Jlfksjlfl again on the 18th.
> ARZO announce on Pirate-Community, on the 22nd, the deletion of the RaymanZone forums, leading to many arguments, as well as false accusations against Pirate-Community itself, as many new members happen to join.
> ray_2004 leaves the Jlfksjlfl again on the 23rd.
> Barubary refuses to give in to the Jlfksjlfl's harassment and is subsequently hacked. He leaves soon after.


January 2005

> Moderator Ray2master leaves.

February 2005

> The domain name is registered for Pirate Community, replacing the old one, "".

March 2005

> Spaceray (later known as Xenon) is made an English Moderator.
> Providentia is made a French Moderator.
> Moderator Nikkoss leaves.

April 2005

> Providentia and ray_2004 join the Jlfksjlfl (again for the latter) on the 13th.
> Angel and Ogre manage to log in as The Knocker and use his global moderator powers to double everyone's tings. Then, Angel gives all of TK's tings to herself, which is registered in the Global Transactions and later used as evidence against her, causing a small flame war between TK and herself. Majority of members seem to take Angel's side.
> Global Moderator The Knocker leaves.
> Jona discovers a glitch on the Pirate Community; the members' join date on their accounts pages is Thu Jan 01, 1970 1:00 am no matter when they actually joined. This glitch was soon fixed by Hunchman.
> Jona is made an English Moderator.
> Matyuv starts the legendary Race to Hunch, which consists in collecting Tings to beat Hunch.

May 2005

> Because of several glitches and a lack of time, the development of RaymanRPG is now frozen.
> Moderator Gigaman leaves.
> Hunchman and Romano Productions begin working together on a new online game called GoldenSun Online.

June 2005

> Romano Productions is made a French moderator.
> Some members criticise the fact that a close friend of Hunchman be promoted after only eighteen posts.

July 2005

> The online users record is broken.
> The dancing Rayman on the forum index page gets “castrated” by Drolpiraat after th3()ne makes the topic “OMG! Rayman has a dick!”. After the image is changed, Matyuv and th3()ne flood the French boards with the message "Castrer un Rayman!" which annoys most of the French members.

August 2005

> Pirate Community celebrates its second birthday.
> Moderator Romano Productions is made an administrator.
> Hunchman's long-thought plan, consisting in appointing the role of administration to Romano Productions for two years while he is gone, is eventually revealed.
> Moderator Providentia is made an English global moderator.
> Pirate Community moves all its files onto a new web hoster and is offline for a few hours. The search function is not available for a few days.
> Pirate Community is back online and fully operational.

September 2005

> Romano Productions is now the lone administrator while Hunchman is gone.
> Romano thanks his moderating support team for their help.
> Jona, Matyuv and th3()ne start spamming the forum, which has been inactive for a while, in order to “prevent it from dying”.
> Matyuv and th3()ne are made English moderators in an attempt to revive the board.
> Moderator Spaceray (later known as Xenon) leaves.

October 2005

> Moderators Jona, Matyuv and th3()ne are banned.

November 2005

> A new Rayman game is announced for the year 2006.
> The 100,000th message of Pirate Community is posted.

December 2005

> The moderating team decides, for Christmas, to give a last chance to the banned members Matyuv and th3()ne. Jona will remain banned.
> Supmachin is made a French Moderator once again.


January 2006

> To be completed.

February 2006

> The previous posts in a day record is broken, on the 18th. 3021 messages are posted.

March 2006

> Xenon09 is made an English Moderator at new.

April 2006

> An attack on the Pirate Community hoster is launched and all the messages posted on that day are lost.
> Matyuv and th3()ne start heavily spamming the forums.
> Matyuv starts copying and pasting computer documentation onto topics and spamming them with it.

May 2006

> Information about the next Rayman game is gathered in the R³ Folder.
> Hoodcom is made an English Moderator.

June 2006

> ARZO announce their return and claim to have discovered a security flaw at the RaymanZone forums. They subsequently demand and get a public conversation on Pirate-Community with the RaymanZone moderators.
> Neo creates the “Introduce yourself” topic, which is very successful and soon made a sticky.
> A Rayman music website called RayTunes, created by Drolpiraat, joins Pirate-Community. A RayTunes subforum is created in the Pirate-Community websites section.

July 2006

> ARZO announce on Pirate-Community another attack against RaymanZone, which caused a hard disk to break, resulting in the loss of two days of posts for the entire Ubi forums.
> The Dutch section of Pirate-Community is created.
> ARZO suddenly publicly disband, saying that they believed they had already destroyed the original RaymanZone with their first hack.

August 2006

> Pirate Community celebrates its third birthday.
> The Kill RaymanZone Klan (KRZK), a small group of ARZO die-hard members, announce on Pirate-Community the second deletion of the RaymanZone forums, leading to arguments and controversy.

September 2006
> Raylex is made a French moderator.

October 2006

> To be completed.

November 2006

> To be completed.

December 2006

> To be completed.


January 2007

> To be completed.

February 2007

> To be completed.

March 2007

> The KRZK announce on Pirate-Community the third deletion of the RaymanZone forums.
> Beebop returns after having left for two and a half years.

April 2007

> A user named Prout appears. Prout founds the pr0oOuT group, an unofficial and powerless organization allegedly intended to complement the moderating team in combating spammers – it is in fact a pastiche of the pr0oO group, an organization that existed at the time on the RaymanZone forums.

May 2007

> The Dutch forums are deleted for inactivity. Members are allowed to spam them before they are finally removed from the database.

June 2007

> Moderator Xenon09 is made an English global moderator.

July 2007

> A second edition of the posts in a day record is undertaken on the 25th. The previous record is beaten, with 5932 messages.
> The 200,000th message of Pirate Community is posted.
> Pirate Community is upgraded to phpBB3.
> Pirate Community is offline for three days due to bandwidth issues.

August 2007

> Pirate Community celebrates its fourth birthday.

September 2007

> To be completed.

October 2007

> After over two months of absence, the portal returns, with new features such as the bottom line and the customisable RSS feed.

November 2007

> To be completed.

December 2007

> To be completed.


January 2008

> The β version of WikiRayman is available, in French and English.
> Moderator Supmachin leaves.
> The KRZK announce on Pirate-Community the fourth deletion of the RaymanZone forums.

February 2008

> WikiRayman has its name changed to RayWiki.

March 2008

> To be completed.

April 2008

> The board is decorated in a lovely pink rabbid theme for April Fools' Day, although many members didn't realise that it was a joke. Three times as many Tings are granted per post.
> Moderator Hoodcom leaves.
> The cnat register thread is opened by a guest user, later Definatelyawesome, leading to some hilarious antics.
> StaceyW and foultzboyz are made English RayWiki administrators on the 18th.

May 2008

> The KRZK announce on Pirate-Community the fifth deletion of the RaymanZone forums.

June 2008

> Jman is made an English Moderator.

July 2008

> A third edition of the posts in a day record is undertaken on the 26th. The previous record is beaten, with 14120 messages.
> The pr0oO group from RaymanZone establishes itself on RaymanPC, and is given its own usergroup and forum.
> A new wave of RaymanZone members joins Pirate-Community, including notable members Spiraldoor, Acarr and Mr.Dark.
> Mr.Dark boasts a posts per day rate of 160 to reach the Mister Dark rank.
> A second edition of popular Rayman quiz TTQQ is announced
> The popular boon ( :boon: ) emoticon is added to the forums.

August 2008

> Pirate Community celebrates its fifth birthday.
> The 300,000th message of Pirate Community is posted.
> StaceyW is made an English Moderator.

September 2008

> Mr. Dark makes it to Mister Dark rank.
> Canard WC poses as Mr. Dark and fools members, imitating his username, his rank, his signature and his profile. Mr. Dark then changes his name to Shawn.
> Rayrayserza5 announces her love towards Hamish (a boy she knows), and Kelvin12. Jokes quickly ensue.

October 2008

> The final version of RayWiki is available.
> The KRZK announce on Pirate-Community the sixth deletion of the RaymanZone forums.
> The Rayman 3 scores topic is transferred from RaymanZone to Pirate Community following the hack.

November 2008

> A “love triangle” is pinned against a few of the members by Spiraldoor.
> Mostwanted82 creates a German topic for the German speaking members of the forum to post on.
> Shawn creates a “News topic” because of complaints made about him making a new topic for every news report he found.
> A downtime occurs on the 17th as a result of updating the site. The next day, everybody's ting counts are frozen.
> Glitches occur on the forum, disallowing visitors to visit the site on 21st, 22nd and the 29th for brief periods. The “PC is going down repeadetly” (sic) topic was bumped for members to mention any more glitches.
> Definatelyawesome finally registers after being stuck as a guest for 6 months, he is given a week ban by Hunchman very quickly thereafter for his posts.

December 2008

> The 100,000th message of the Off-Topic section is posted.
> English and French forums switch places on the index page on the 1st. After a very quick poll because of complaints, it was returned to its normal state.
> Four new smilies are added, including the “Dango” smiley (which turned into a meme at Pirate-Community), named after its creator, El Dango.
> Many members create flags of their country made out of the name of it, and add them to their signatures.
> Holy Crap creates a “Magical Jackpot lottery!!!” topic. It unfortunately fails.
> Holy Crap creates the “SuperDango” smiley: a much larger version of the “Dango” smiley with animated multicoloured eyes. It is both hated and loved.
> Pirate-Community is inaccessible for periods on the 12th.
> Jman creates the Sig Of The Month competition, which topic becomes a sticky.
> Spiraldoor hijacks the pr0oOuT group in an attempt to turn it into an anti-pr0oO group.
> Spiraldoor is banned over the Christmas week as punishment for posting spam messages and trolling Tobbe. During the ban, he posts in the Guests' forum until Hunchman801 asks him to leave. An impostor named 'spiral' spams Serza's chat page with absurd plans to conspire and take over Pirate-Community, stirring up much drama on the forum regarding the identity of the impostor. After the ban is lifted, the real Spiraldoor returns. The pr0oO group gives him 1000 boon points, making him the first Legendary Boon in Pirate-Community history.
> Xenon gets members to donate all their Tings to him so he will have the highest number of Tings by the new year and succeeds. He returns them afterwards, with extra Tings included. El Dango donates all his Tings to him as a bribe to remove the flag from his signature before this decision was made.


January 2009

> Acarr mysteriously disappears after the new year. New year party deaths are rumoured.
> The “love triangle” grows into a “love septagon” as more members are believed to be in love with one another.
> Spiraldoor creates the religion thread, which, over the course of the next year, goes on to span nearly a hundred pages of philosophical and theological debates and gave the members of Pirate-Community the opportunity to discuss various other heady subjects.

Feburary 2009

> The original Rayman 3 Hall of Fame is implemented at Pirate-Community.
> French eBay ads are added to the portal for a test period.

March 2009

> An interactive calendar is added to the portal. Many spam dates are made.
> The eBay ads are soon removed after being highly voted “useless” in the dedicated poll.
> An embedded video is added to the Portal.
> Haruka creates the first complete video-walkthrough of Rayman 1 for PlayStation in the internet. The videos quickly gained popularity, getting dozens of thousands of views in total, and many players managed to beat the game for the first time thanks to the walkthrough.
> A German version of RayWiki is launched on the 12th.

April 2009

> Matyuv is made an administrator for April Fools' Day. He threatens to ban Hunchman if most members do not accept to worship him.

May 2009

> Tobbe creates the “Who's the best member of PC?” topic. Most active members vote over several rounds to decide who the best member of PC is.
> Global Moderator Miss_Ceres leaves.
> Global Moderator Providentia leaves.
> Moderator Raylex is made a French global moderator.
> DesLife is made a French moderator.

June 2009

> To be completed.

July 2009

> Spiraldoor adopts a more formal and mature writing style. For a brief time he adds additional post-script thoughts to the ends of his posts by adding a ~ symbol to the front of the sentence; this practice is soon imitated by MLII.
> The fourth edition of the posts in a day record is cancelled on the 26th due to technical reasons.

August 2009

> Pirate Community celebrates its sixth birthday.
> A poll is opened to allow members to decide on the month and day the new record should take part on.
> Hamish's birthday is celebrated. He is still unaware of his popularity in the forum.
> A lot of messages consisting only of “boon” smileys or “+1” are made.
> French composer Rémi Gazel posts in the RayTunes subforum, revealing that he composed almost the entire soundtrack of the original Rayman game.

September 2009

> Tobbe announces the results of the final round of the “Who's the best member of PC?” poll. Hunchman801 wins, Tobbe is second and Xenon third.
> Pirate Community is successfully transferred to a new server, which is much faster than the previous.
> Dingodile555 openly expresses his hatred towards Acarr.
> The YouTube BBCode is implemented on the forums.
> Moderator Jman leaves.
> The fourth edition of the posts in a day record is undertaken on the 12th. The previous record is beaten with difficulty, partly because of spam, with 14340 messages.
> Hunchman creates a topic where the English members can apply to become mods. This is the first time this has happened and many people take part.
> Haruka discovers Rayman Dictées, a French educational game with unknown contents until the date.

October 2009

> Acarr, Tobbe, Matyuv and Holy Crap are made English moderators.
> Global moderator Xenon is made an English administrator.
> Moderator StaceyW is made an English global moderator.
> The pr0oO group forum is made invisible.
> The Guests forum is merged into Off Topic, with the effect that guests can no longer post at all on the forum.
> On the 14th, Pirate-Community is inaccessible all afternoon.
> On the 26th, an edit on Wikipedia is discovered; “Tomato Taco” becomes a popular “Rayman character” in the forums.
> The boards are decorated with a Hallowe'en theme for over a week.
> The Sig Of The Month contest is given themes to boost its popularity.
> RayWiki's front page is given a new layout design.

November 2009

> StaceyW beats the Jaguar version of the original Rayman and the forum discovers a totally different Candy Château.
> Pirate-Community reaches 999 members. Another account named “1000th member” is created, it starts to PM certain members, but does not post. Hunchman is able to deduce the identity of this member due to his role as administrator, but does not divulge it. The 1000th member later makes a post and Spiraldoor is revealed to be behind its creation.
> Serza's arguments with MLII come to a climax.
> The Rayman section becomes noticeably quiet as few posts other than that of game topics are made.
> Matyuv creates a “Santa” account and an Advent Callendar topic where a random participating member is given tings each day of December.

December 2009

> foultzboyz steps down from his English administrator position on RayWiki.
> On the 6th, Moderators are able to modify members' Tings.
> Hunchman creates a topic “Your political compass”, on discovering a website that determines your views. Many members post images of their place on this political compass and an image consisiting of them all together is made.
> Holy Crap starts the first Mafia game in Off-Topic.
> On the 13th, gender icons are installed.
> Spiraldoor is banned for three days as punishment for repeatedly criticising Tobbe's moderating decisions in the public forum. As before, his ban includes Christmas day.
> On the 29th, the new Italian forums are made public.
> Guest editing on the RayWiki is disabled on the 31st.


January 2010

> bunnieblaster manages to rip 3D models from Rayman M and posts a guide about it in the Rayman forum.
> The second Mafia game is hosted by Holy Crap again, this time the game is Rayman-themed and participating members must use alias accounts for conspiration.
> Some members make posts outside the Mafia topic using their alias accounts. A few warnings from the moderators team stop this habit.
> A lot of spam messages are posted in the Italian forums.
> The Italian forums are deleted.
> Haruka creates a video-tutorial that fixes the in-game music problem of Rayman 1 when emulated in ePSXe. It also worked for Rayman Junior.

February 2010

> Spiraldoor is made an English RayWiki administrator on the 23rd.

March 2010

> A new captcha is installed to stop the bots.
> PluMGMK finds many new topics for the RaymanZone phpBB archive.

June 2010

> Rayman Origins is announced at the annual E3 expo. The first true Rayman game since Rayman 3 in 2003, Origins takes the unprecedented step of weaving together the environments and characters of the previous Rayman games into a cohesive universe. The announcement is celebrated enthusiastically by all members of the forum, with the exception of Sabertooth1000000000, who is inexplicably bitter and angry at the news.
> Strike bbcode tags are added

July 2010

> Tobbe temporarily leaves to serve in the Norwegian Army for one year. He is largely inactive until July 2011.
> Haruka starts to be recognized in the Rayman community by her numerous Rayman Walkthroughs with notable quality, with bigger feature for her Rayman 1 walkthrough for PlayStation. She also starts to share her video-walkthroughs in RayWiki.
> Haruka creates the first complete video-walkthrough of Rayman 1 and Rayman 2 Forever in the internet, both for Game Boy Color.

August 2010

> A fifth edition of the posts in a day record is undertaken on the 7th. The previous record is beaten, with 15600 messages.
> A Ting reward system is created to reward users for using the Rayman 3 Hall of Fame
> The Rayman IRC is created by RayFan9876

September 2010

> TTQQ is temporarily closed.

October 2010


November 2010

> Haruka creates the first video-walkthrough of Rayman 60 Niveaux Inédits in the internet.

December 2010

> Haruka creates the first video-walkthrough of Rayman Designer's 24 official levels in the internet.


January 2011

> Cut is banned for trolling.
> The board is attacked by hundreds of spambots.
> DesLife states he wants to become an administrator and quickly gains support from many members of PC.
> DesLife is made an administrator
> The captcha is replaced with a Rayman-related question which stops the bots invasion.
> Haruka creates the first complete video-walkthrough of Rayman 1 for PC/MS-DOS in the internet.

February 2011

> Veteran members Gigaman and Beebop return.

March 2011

> The Manipulate the Image contest is created.

April 2011

> On April 1st, everyone receives this avatar.
> Haruka creates a video-walkthrough of Rayman 3 for Symbian.

May 2011

> News about Rayman Origins boost the activity in the related topic.
> Second edition of Who is the best English member? poll is created.
> Moderator Holy Crap leaves.
> Moderator Acarr leaves.

June 2011

> A Hungarian version of RayWiki is launched on the 22nd.

July 2011

> Tobbe returns after finishing his military service, and immediately become an active member again.
> A sixth edition of the posts in a day record is undertaken on the 30th. The previous record is beaten, with 18673 messages.
> DesLife wins the 2011 edition of the Best English Member polls.

August 2011

> Pirate-Community hosts the fanwork contest sponsored by Ubisoft
> A fan interview of Michel Ancel and the development team of Rayman Origins is announced. Many questions are collected, but the interview never comes out.

September 2011

> Haruka remasters from scratch her original video-walkthrough of Rayman 1 for PlayStation. It shows up a significant gameplay quality improvement.
> Haruka creates the Rayman's Video Catalogue project on her YouTube channel, with the goal of archiving diverse audiovisual content related to the franchise.

October 2011

> Haruka and Spiraldoor are made English moderators, while moderator Matyuv quits.
> While Hunchman801 represents Pirate-Community at the Paris Games Week presentation, a video revealing one of the final levels of Rayman Origins finds its way onto the internet. Some members refuse to watch it; the others discuss the surprising revelation invisibly through the use of [spoiler tags].
> ‘Of the extermination of furfags’, a thread created by Comment ? the previous month, comes to the attention of 4chan. The thread soon becomes a battling ground between Pirate-Community members, Jlfksjlfl, 4chan members, furries and Anonymous.

November 2011

> The Jewish member iambored2006 is given a two-day ban for repeatedly posting hateful diatribes in which he expressed his loathing for Christians and Europeans, culminating in a bizarre fantasy about the downfall of western civilisation at the hands of a Muslim army (in which iambored himself hoped to serve).
> The demo of Rayman Origins is released. Drolpiraat hacks it and extracts part of the game’s soundtrack, along with a script containing all of the game’s text (much of which was actually scrapped from the final game). Some users elect to read it; most do not.
> Prout returns and resurrects the pr0oOuT group, resulting in minor clashes with the original pr0oO group.
> iambored2006 receives a one week ban after repeatedly complaining that his previous ban was unfair and accusing the moderation staff of Fascism. When this ban is complete, he chooses not to return.
> Rayman Origins is released in Europe.

December 2011

> The Gaming Cosmos, Haruka's YouTube Channel, became an official affiliate of the Rayman Pirate-Community and an official source for Rayman Walkthroughs. A Walkthroughs topic was created with links to her playlists and also with links of walkthroughs made by other members in the community.
> L.M. Murphy releases a video showing 2D Nightmare in its entirety, however, the method of which he unlocked the level wouldn't be shared until later.


January 2012

> After two and a half years in development, RayFan9876's fangame, Revenge of the Dark, is lost as the result of a computer malfunction. Several members donate money to help pay for an expensive data retrieval process.
> Boomboleros7 is made a French RayWiki administrator on the 27th.

February 2012

> Haruka creates the emulation thread, which contains a large list of emulators and ROM images of Rayman games with instructions on how to configure and run those.
> Definatelyawesome returns temporarily as DefinatelyawesomeII, members new and old are delighted to meet him.

March 2012

> Haruka tries out the connectivity between the GameCube and Game Boy Advance versions of Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc. For the first time details of the Bonus GBA levels are revealed to the community. Unfortunately, 2D Nightmare was reported to not be unlockable in this way.
> The RPC servers of Romano get corrupted, and four days of posts are lost. The portal was not accessible during a couple of days due to maintenance and server transfer.

April 2012

> Many pieces of artwork from the cancelled Rayman 4 are discovered by members of the community. It becomes apparent that, in 2005, Phoenix Interactive Entertainment attempted to create their own version of Rayman 4, but that this was cancelled in favour of Ubisoft Montpellier's Rayman Raving Rabbids project.
> L.M. Murphy releases codes allowing for members to access 2D Nightmare themselves.
> Gamegirl the Rayfan joins RPC, her posts draw ire from many members, and cause forum wide chaos and incentives for spam.
> A trailer for the upcoming Rayman Legends is leaked, though the game wouldn't be officially unveiled until E3 2012.

May 2012

> Member Pusianka opens a thread ranting about the size of user signatures, DesLife swiftly locks the thread.
> A new thread is opened by DesLife, in retaliation to Pusianka's threat of reporting him, the thread quickly turns into mock-fest, with all members siding with DesLife, and Pusianka remaining defiant.

June 2012

> Rayman Legends is officially unveiled at E3.
> Rulez and RayFan9876 launch the "Bningham and Rulzez Show", which is a cartoon series featuring several members of Pirate-Community.

July 2012

> A seventh edition of the posts in a day record is undertaken on the 7th. The previous record is beaten, with 19710 messages.

August 2012

> To be completed.

September 2012

> The transactions page works again after being broken for over two years.
> Rayman Jungle Run, the first Rayman game for Smartphones, is released.

October 2012

> Gamegirl is banned temporarily, though is apparently unable to get back into her account once the ban subsides.
> RayFan9876 has her username changed to Adsolution.

November 2012

> The rank list is changed, with more ranks, notably characters from Rayman Origins, and a top rank available at 250,000 Tings.
> Gamegirl returns as Darkkitty, with her posts still drawing much ridicule from other members.

December 2012

> The reward system for the Rayman 3 Hall of Fame is now automated.


January 2013

> Server issues cause problems with the updating of soundtracks on RayTunes, the issue is yet to be fixed, and Droolpiraat is forced to release archives containing the newly made soundtracks on external websites. Additionally, RPC starts to frequently have downtime, by June, the downtime is almost daily.
> Member Emshomar joins and releases the Rayman Mega Patch, allowing for members to play their old copies of Rayman 1 on modern hardware without having to resort to alternative methods.

February 2013

> Rayman Legends is no longer Wii U exclusive, PS3 and Xbox 360 versions are announced, at the cost of a considerable delay to September 2013, while some members are glad to be able to obtain the game, others are outraged due to Legend's practical completion.

March 2013

> Haruka opens the Rayman 3 Photo Contest in celebration of the tenth anniversary of Rayman 3, however, the deadline was constantly extended due to lacking participation.
> Member Danone mysteriously leaves the forums, prompting brief speculation as to what caused him to leave.
> Emshomar releases patches for Rayman 2 and Rayman M

April 2013

> ray_2004 leaves the Jlfksjlfl again on the 9th.
> Member RoboticTeensie, opens the RaySaves website, an archive of Rayman save games allowing for quick an convenient access to levels from Rayman 1 and Rayman 3 (as of writing) without worry of having preset scores or achievements in place, it will become an official Rayman Pirate Community affiliate once server issues are fixed.

May 2013

> Spambots continuously spam the boards to a considerable amount, moderator Haruka can only delete threads, but not prevent them from constantly creating new ones, members discuss potential ways of inhibiting the spambots, and admin Hunchman801 finally returns and deals with the problem once and for all.
> Haruka decides to change the rules of the photo contest as she cannot judge all the entries received, participants are now only capable of sending one photo per subject, as opposed to the previous ten per subject limit.
> Rayman Legends is announced for PS Vita, alongside the revelation that each platform the game will be released on will have exclusive content, the Vita and Wii U more so.

June 2013

> On June 6th, Humch creates a recruitment topic in which members can apply for the position themselves, like in 2009 and 2011. The window for applications is kept open for nine days, and closed on the 14th.
> On June 21st, four new moderators are elected: Master, Adsolution, and Serza5, with Hoodcom returning to his original moderation post after many years.
> Spiraldoor leaves both his English moderator and English RayWiki administrator positions.
> English administrator Xenon, holding the second-longest staff position in Pirate-Community history, leaves his position on the staff after being promoted to moderator in 2005, global moderator in 2007, and then administrator in 2009. His dedication and contribution to the community during all these years are unparalleled and will be remembered forever.
> Cairnie is promoted to English administrator, filling in the position of Xenon after his departure.
> Tobbe is made an English global moderator, replacing the role of the now-promoted Cairnie.
> Due in part to some of the most active members being promoted and the excitement that comes along with it, most of the posts made the following day are by the new moderators.
> Record Day is announced to take place on July 6th.

July 2013

> An eighth edition of the posts in a day record is undertaken on the 6th. Due to server issues, time is lost near the end, thus, once the issue is resolved, the deadline is extended by 46 minutes. The previous record is beaten, with 29535 messages.
> To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Rayman Pirate Community, three events are made, a 2013 edition of the best English Member polls, an Art Contest and an Illustrated History Contest, the Illustrated History is later made an official project once the contest concludes, where members can provide illustrated renditions of PC events of the past.

August 2013

> Comment ? declares himself “King of Pirate-Community”. He quickly gets supports from scores of members, most of whom he gives nobility titles.
> Adsolution and Rulez are made official members of the Jlfksjlfl.
> The Boards are given a makeover with a new theme created by Matyuv, Hoodcom and Hunchman801, members can use the new Birthday theme, or continue to use the theme of old.
> The winners of the Art Contest and Illustrated History contest are announced.
> Haruka wins the 2013 edition of the Best English Member polls.
> It is learnt that member Jinzo had passed away, a thread is created for members to mourn and pay their respects. Hunchman later bestows a unique Grolgoth avatar on Jinzo's old account to commemorate him.
> Drolpiraat finally regains access to RayTunes, and is able to upload the missing soundtracks. Subsequently, with the release of the Rayman Legends demo for the Xbox 360 and PS3, he is able to rip the soundtrack it contains and also upload those onto the RayTunes site.
> After consistent server crashes, RPC is transferred to new servers, this solves the downtime that has plagued RPC for many months, however, some features of RPC break, such as the RSS feed, these are subsequently fixed later on.
> Rayman Legends is released in Europe.

September 2013

> Rayman Legends is released in the US.
> The passing of the then current French moderator Rayray1994 is announced, members gather to the thread to mourn and pay their respects at his passing.
> Global moderator Tobbe leaves.
> French global moderator Raylex is also made an English global moderator.
> Moderator Haruka leaves, but intends to reapply for the position once her studies are finished.
> Pirate-Community becomes affiliated with the IRIS Network, a Wiki regarding the Beyond Good and Evil series.

October 2013

> The RPC IRC is revived by THEdragon and GNineify, members new and old subsequently join and activity begins anew.
> The RPC Halloween Art Contest is opened, and the results are announced at the end of the month.
> Boomboleros7 is made an English RayWiki administrator on the 12th.

November 2013

> Rayman Fiesta Run, a sequel to Rayman Jungle Run, is released for iOS and Android smartphones, however, the Windows 8/RT version is nowhere to be seen.
> Incognito creates the IAIG (Incognito Anti-Inactivity Group), also called the IAIAASBS (Incognito Anti-Inactivity And Anti-SpamBots Squad) in an attempt to revive the French forums.

December 2013
> Hoodcom opens the Christmas Art Contest. Winners are announced on the 28th.


January 2014
> The widespread discovery of the Infinite Power-Up Glitch in Rayman 3 causes a large divide in the Rayman 3 scoring community, with some firmly against the technique and others in support of it. There is intense and heated debate on the glitch itself, potential moderation of its use and the effects it has on scoring in Rayman 3, in addition to current moderation of previously discovered glitches.
> GeekOfTheGame joins Pirate-Community and becomes a member of the IAIG. He is repeatedly criticised for the quality of his messages.

February 2014
> Rayman 1 composer Rémi Gazel returns and announces the Rayman 1 Musics Projects, a collection of remastered soundtracks from the original Rayman game.
> Rayman Fiesta Run releases on Windows Phone and Windows 8/RT.
> Rayman Legends is released for the PS4 and Xbox One.
> RaySaves is finally put on the Pirate-Community servers, but due to the absence of its founder, new management is required.
> Ribshark is made manager of RaySaves, and work begins on creating Rayman 2 save files to be hosted on the archive.
> Master proposes a new ruleset for the Teensies quiz, the following seasons serve as tests to refine the ruleset before its permanent implementation.

March 2014
> Member Lexis spams the forums with demands to have his account deleted, having PMed a moderator and lacking the patience to wait for a response, he is subsequently banned.
> After the widespread discovery of Rayman 3's Infinite Power-Up Glitch (IPG) in January, a new IPG allowing infinite power-ups in every level has been found.
> The Rayman Mega Patch is updated with expanded features, and is renamed to Rayman Optimum.
> The German forums are reopened after significant activity in the German thread, they are moderated by both the then current French and English moderating teams.
> UbiSoft Montpellier and Michel Ancel present their first ever Twitch livestream, with many fans from RPC and other fanbases coming to ask questions about the series.
> UbiSoft announce the Uplay Fan Art Contest, a challenge to fan artists of the various UbiSoft franchises to submit artwork to be judged by members of UbiSoft Montpellier.

April 2014
> After two years of not having any quirkiness, April Fool's is once again seen on RPC, with member's ranks being randomised. Gender icons are also initially swapped, but are later also randomised to posts, leading to hilarious instances where one can be seen as female and male on the same page.
> The final draft of the new Teensies Quiz ruleset is now permanently implemented, the ruleset used for Seasons 1-76 are subsequently archived.

May 2014
> On May 19th, Hunchman801 announces that LoveMetal has been promoted to being a French Moderator
> The winners of the E3 2014 Uplay Fan Art contest are announced, with RPC's own Haruka winning 9th place.
> The History of Rayman book is announced, many fans are extremely excited to learn of the book's impending release.

June 2014
> RayWiki is updated to MediaWiki 1.22. This breaks the skin and forces Humch to rewrite the CSS code for it.
> On the 3rd, an Italian version of RayWiki is launched.
> On the 11th, Hunchman announces the Ninth edition of the posts in a day record. After a user poll, the date of the event is determined to be on August 2nd.
> After a difference of opinion with the moderating team, Incognito decides to leave for a short time, putting GeekOfTheGame in charge of his club, the IAIG. PluMGMK joins the group during this time.
> After Incognito returns, he and GeekOfTheGame get involved in a dispute, because GeekOfTheGame wants to join the Jlfksjlfl, who previously mocked Incognito. Incognito attemps to resolve the dispute by creating a splinter group, the IPAAS(b)G (Incognito Pro-Activity And Anti-Spam(bots) Group). The original group is renamed to GOTG.A.I, and PluMGMK is made a leader of the club along with GeekOfTheGame.
> Motormike, author of The History of Rayman, joins RPC, and discusses details of the book with interested members.
> On June 21st, Hoodcom is made an English Global Moderator, while Master is made an English RayWiki administrator.
> On June 26th, RayWiki is updated to MediaWiki 1.23.1, this update causes complications to the Wiki's database, with special characters such as accents being replaced with garbled text. In light of the issue, editing is disabled.

July 2014
> RayWiki goes down on July 1st, but is quickly brought back up. Efforts continue to restore its database, but editing remains disabled for the time being.
> Because of his behaviour, GeekOfTheGame is banned for 24 hours but evades the ban with another account. He is subsequently banned for two weeks, but near the end of the ban, a wave of spam and insults from newly registered accounts strikes Pirate-Community. It is highly suspected to be the doing of GeekOfTheGame, whose ban is therefore maintained while the case is being investigated. GeekOfTheGame evades the ban twice again before he is finally proved to be responsible for the anonymous spamming and insults. As a consequence, he is banned indefinitely from Pirate-Community.

August 2014
> The Ninth edition of the posts in a day record takes place, with the previous record broken with 31265 posts total.
> GeekOfTheGame occasionally attempts to return but is banned every time.
> On August 6th, RayWiki returns to full function, with editing being enabled once more.
> On August 13th, the Polish Rayman Wikia is merged with RayWiki, now providing six languages to choose from.

September 2014
> Motormike opens a thread dedicated to discussing the then upcoming release of his History of Rayman book.

October 2014
> The 2014 Halloween Art Contest is opened
> The History of Rayman Book begins to ship to members, with many new discoveries detailed.

November 2014
> User LovePédale joins and begins trolling in the French and English forums. Since this user is a troll who seems to have a good knowledge of the community (choosing a name that parodies that of a French moderator), most members assume that it is someone who has previously been a member. Some jump to the conclusion that it is GeekOfTheGame, and LovePédale makes no effort to correct this, eventually even going along with it.
> LovePédale is banned for a week by super moderator Raylex.
> French and English global moderator Raylex leaves.

December 2014
> As was done the previous year, Hoodcom opens the 2014 edition of the Christmas Art Contest, winners are announced on the 25th
> LovePédale returns and continues pretending to be GeekOfTheGame, but not convincingly. #Rubber mark# also reappears, and starts talking to LovePédale in a way that implies that they are one and the same.
> After heated confrontations with other members, #Rubber mark# "reveals" himself to be LovePédale. He is banned for a week and the sockpuppet account is banned indefinitely.
> Master begins the RayWiki Improvement Drive, a scheme to improve the quality of articles related to the UbiArt Rayman titles. The Drive is stickied, but activity on the Wiki remains as is.
> The RPC Mafia game is revived, and Hunchman asks for participants for a new season. However, he would not be able to begin the season immediately.
> Tensions in the R3 Scoring Thread lead to another large debate regarding the state of its scorers.

January 2015
> After months of good conduct on the Wiki, GeekOfTheGame is allowed to return to the forum, under the alias "Harpic fraîcheur" (a nod to Canard WC). He rejoins the I.A.I.A.SbC.
> Cut is made the community's first dedicated German moderator.
> The community achieves its millionth post, and all members are given double the amount of tings per-post as celebration.

February 2015
> The "What games are you currently playing?" thread is accidentally deleted when trying to remove posts made by a spambot, and an attempt to recover the original from a server backup is made.
> Fifo receives repeated one-week bans for insulting Harpic fraîcheur on the forum.
> On the 14th, a supposed leak is made of Rayman appearing in Smash Bros. A subsequent video corroborating what had been stated led many fans within and beyond the community to take its contents seriously. However, on the 15th, the leak is revealed to have been an elaborate prank, reactions to this revelations are mixed, some are extremely upset and disappointed, others, while disappointed, are highly impressed with the work done to pull it off.
> After some delay, the new season of Mafia begins. Some members ended up having to concede their positions due to the delay, while others were kicked during the game for inactivity.

March 2015
> The Mafia obtain a flawless victory in the Mafia Game.
> Some members begin to voice their disapproval toward the excessive usage of internet memes by younger members. While the memes are not against the rules, their continued usage causes them become repetitive and annoying to other members.

April 2015
> RPC is decked out with a Tily theme for April Fools, however due to technical issues, the theme is not fully in place until April 2. The ranklist is also modified appropriately.
> After being used to document major incidents since its conception in 2007, the first post of the Pirate-Community Documentary hits the 60000 character limit. After some discussion, it is decided to move onto the next post, and continue documenting there.
> The name of the I.A.I.A.SbC is changed to "Le premier ordre" (the first order).
> Harpic fraîcheur is accepted into the Jlfksjlfl club and leaves le premier ordre.

May 2015
> PluMGMK leaves le premier ordre.
> The forums become unsettled as a result of clashes between the Jlfksjlfl and other members. Several of them get hacked on websites such as Twitter and Dailymotion. This results in the departure of Jewish Candy, PluMGMK and Pirez. Hunch eventually threatens to hand out punishments to anyone continuing the trouble, and a few big Ting deductions are handed out. Things calm down quickly after that.
> Adsolution is excluded from the Jlfksjlfl.
> Moderator Adsolution leaves the team.
> French administrator DesLife leaves.

June 2015
> technology4617 and Adsolution leave the forum.
> A Spanish version of RayWiki is launched on the 14th.
> Pirez returns to the forums.

July 2015
> The tenth edition of the posts in a day record is announced.
> Master wins the best member of the English forum biennial contest.
> Rayman Adventures is announced.
> #Toilet Paper#, ToxineXY and lavengeanceduhap join the Jlfksjlfl.

August 2015
> On the 8th, Pirate-Community celebrates its twelfth birthday. The same day, the tenth edition of the posts in a day record takes place, with the previous record broken with 32252 posts total.
> French moderator LoveMetal steps down.
> Boomboleros7 is made a French moderator, replacing LoveMetal.
> An episode of Unseen64 focusing on the cancelled Phoenix Interactive Rayman 4 is leaked on the forum. The creator of the video, Tamaki, discovers this, leading to bitter exchanges between members of the forum and himself. Hunchman deducts tings from all parties who perpetrated the conflict.

September 2015
Ubisoft announces that it is developing a next-generation theme park, which will feature rides, attractions and shows inspired by some of Ubisoft’s biggest franchises, such as Assassin’s Creed, Just Dance and Rabbids.

October 2015
> Ubisoft announces a video contest for Rayman's twentieth birthday.

November 2015
> The results of the twentieth birthday contest are announced: Pirate-Community members Raygirl (1st), Kiwinner (2nd) and administrator Cairnie (5th) finished in the top 5.

December 2015
> Eren and BestXIII join the Jlfksjlfl.
> #Toilet Paper# is found to have hacked two users, Fifo and Trunks Masters, and is banned for 3 months.
> Rayman Adventures is launched worldwide. The reception on the forums is mixed, with criticism directed towards the free to play model adopted by the title.


January 2016
> Lysol joins the Jlfksjlfl.

February 2016
A Chinese version of RayWiki is proposed, but unfortunately it never launches.

March 2016
> RibShark succeeds in unlocking 2D Nightmare without using any cheat codes on the GameCube version of Rayman 3. However, a cheat code had to be used on the GameBoy Advance version to edit its progress, in order to make the minigame unlock.

April 2016
> RPC is decked out in another April Fools theme, the subject this time is the Incrediballs, collectible creatures from the recently released Rayman Adventures for mobile devices. Parodying the "Freemium" conventions of the title, Incrediball ranks could be purchased, as part of a supposed "VIP membership" pack, using Tings. The ranks wind up staying in place until the end of August.
> #Toilet Paper# is ejected from the Jlfksjlfl, and soon leaves the forum thereafter.

May 2016
> To be completed.

June 2016
> A recent update to Rayman Adventures adds an oriental-inspired location, however, one of the enemies' designs from this update gives rise to controversy and heated debate over potential stereotyping.

July 2016
> The Eleventh Edition of the Posts in a Day Record takes place. The record is unfortunately not beaten this year, due to a lull in activity and lower attendance compared to previous years. However, many posts were still made and the day was considered to be a success.
> PluMGMK and Adsolution return to the forum.

August 2016
Rayman Origins becomes free to claim temporarily on Uplay in order to celebrate Ubisoft’s 30th anniversary.

September 2016
> Michel Ancel becomes active on his Instagram account, through which he announces the reinitiation of development of Beyond Good and Evil 2.

October 2016
> Prout once again reappears and tries to resurrect the group.
> Michel discusses the early SNES version of Rayman 1 on his Instagram, This culminates in Frédéric Houde discovering a prototype cartridge of this version of the game, and some footage is shown.
> RPC is updated to phpBB3.1
> RayWiki changes to the newer Vector theme, which has been skinned to be consistent with the post-10th anniversary RPC theme.

November 2016
> Due to time constraints, a theme for the Christmas season could not be developed. Because of this, a contest is opened, allowing members to submit assets for use in a community driven Christmas theme.

December 2016
> Indy joins the Jlfksjlfl.
> A Christmas theme, using assets by Adsolution, is put up.


January 2017
> Discussion into the decline of user activity leads to some heated conversation about the role of forums and external chats.

February 2017
> After a significant lull in activity, a huge uptick in posts is experienced on February 14th, with the arrival of some new members.
> The Teensies Quiz reaches its 100th Season, with a Special Edition being played to celebrate.
> On February 19th, Humch creates a recruitment topic in which members can apply for moderator positions, like in 2009, 2011 and 2013. The window for applications is kept open for twenty-one days, and closed on the 12th of March.

March 2017
> A posting spree occurs, again on the 14th, with 899 posts overall. Many other smaller posting sprees occur for the rest of the month.
> The 100th Season of the Teensies Quiz is won by Ray502.
> After almost a decade of service, Cairnie steps down from her administrator role on both the forums and RayWiki. Her efforts on both have been appreciated by many and will leave a lasting legacy on RPC for members new and old.
> Hoodcom is promoted to English administrator.
> Carrot-master is promoted to English RayWiki Administrator, after his hard work in updating articles and keeping the RayWiki front page active.
> English moderator Master is promoted to English global moderator, replacing Hoodcom, while French moderator boomboleros7 is promoted to French global moderator.
> Ambidextroid and Ray502 are made English Moderators, alongside PluMGMK, who is also granted moderator status for the French forums.
> After the posting sprees are found to drown out conversation in certain threads, it is decided that they be limited to game threads only.

April 2017
> RPC is decked out in another April Fools theme, the subject this time is ramen noodles. Other changes occur, like staff members being given joke ranks and Serza5 being given her own usergroup. Throughout the day, a flurry of Master clones appear with their original appearance including the global moderator colour in attempt to fool the members.
> Adsolution rejoins the Jlfksjlfl.
> Due to increased interest in Rayman game modifications, and the appearance of tools like RayTwol and Better Rayman 3, a Modding and Utilities subforum is opened up in the Rayman section. It is moderated by Adsolution and RibShark.

May 2017
> Ray502 creates the Challenge of the Month, which is a Rayman contest where members can compete in challenges from the main series games.
> CHRdutch leaves the forum.

June 2017
> The twelfth edition of the posts in a day record is announced.
> CHRdutch returns to the forum.
> Bradandez leaves the forum.

July 2017
> The Rayman SNES Prototype demonstrated on Michel Ancel's Instagram back in October 2016, is dumped online by Twitter user Ocurnut.
> Darkkitty makes a bombastic return. While her initial posts contain echoes of her former self, she soon settles down.
> Master once again wins the biennial Best RPC Member contest.
> The twelfth edition of the posts in a day record takes place. For the second straight year, the record is unfortunately not beaten, despite the posting bots unleashed by certain members. During the day, all active French members (with the mysterious exception of boomboleros7) have "charges" brought against them, and are given joke ranks as "punishment". (Some of them can be seen here.)
> Incognito disappears.

August 2017
> Ray502 creates Riddles of the Glade, a Rayman contest where competitors try to find out the answers to clues that reference a character/object/place from the Rayman series.
> Incognito reappears and joins the Jlfksjlfl.
> A process is launched against incognito at the tribunal for disappearing despite promising to help out with a community project.
> Incognito loses 75000 Tings and is condemned to carry his punishment rank, a naked molerat, for up to two years. As a result, his Ting count becomes negative, and he leaves the forum.

September 2017
> Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition is released for Nintendo Switch.

October 2017
> Another new season of Mafia begins.
> Michel Ancel makes a post on his Instagram account, expressing a desire to bring back Rayman "for his fourth adventure" at some point in the future, which is taken with cautious optimism.
> Once again, the Mafia obtain a flawless victory.

November 2017
> Carrot-master releases the first version of the Rayman Control Panel, a unified configuration / modding tool for all Rayman games.

December 2017
> The RPC Xmas Banner contest is opened to allow members to submit banners for use for the 2017 RPC Xmas theme.
> Snagglebee (formerly emshomar) releases Rayman Plus, a replacement for Rayman Optimum. It no longer bundles the games (requiring the user to supply their own copy) but it allows the PC version of the game to be played with the PlayStation version's soundtrack, for the first time ever.
> Serza's entry for the banner contest receives the most votes, and her banner features in the 2017 RPC Xmas Theme.


January 2018
> U2B showcases a project on the Unity engine to create a Rayman 2/3-like game. It initially includes level geometry and Rayman's model and animations from Rayman 2.

February 2018
> Once again, late February sees a spike in activity, which continues into early March.

March 2018
> The high activity continues on the English forums, on a level not seen in some time, while the French forums are almost completely dormant.
> User MACHINE posts in the introduction topic, advertising a Rayman Discord server owned by Retrofuge. A parody account quickly appears.
> User Bashar0 appears, claiming to be a Turkish student. He posts some poorly-disguised malware in the Modding and Utilities section, claiming it is a downloader for a new Rayman 3 modding tool.
> After exposing Bashar0, the Jlfksjlfl get embroiled in a conflict with the members and staff of Retrofuge's server. The repercussions continue for several months, with old and new members getting caught in the crossfire.

April 2018
> RPC is decked out in another April Fools theme: this time it is a beautiful green theme centred on Barbara. The ranks of all active members are changed to the Princesses from Rayman Legends and Rayman Adventures, with the exception of Ray502, who mysteriously turns into Superintendent Chalmers. In a poll created by Hoodcom asking the members what they think of the theme, almost all members publicly express their fondness for it. Also, antics occur throughout the day like Ray502 reenacting the notable "Steamed Hams" scene with Ambidextroid, and Hoodcom using a colourful rainbow spoiler that, for users of many (but not all) browsers, covers several posts.
> Adsolution is again ejected from the Jlfksjlfl.
> Incognito returns on his birthday and elicits an outpouring of sympathy from members who soon restore his Ting count to positivity.

May 2018
> Global activity appears to reach a three-year high. Most of this is on the English forums.
> Adsolution and RibShark leave the modding and utilities team.
> The thirteenth edition of the posts in a day record is announced.
> Raymanni announces Rayman Redemption, a remake / reimagining of the original Rayman game.
> PluMGMK creates the Teensies' General Knowledge Quiz.

June 2018
> The differences between the Jlfksjlfl and Retrofuge's server are resolved peacefully, although the fallout continues.

July 2018
> The accounts of dozens of inactive users are accessed, and their Tings are donated to members of the Jlfksjlfl.
> A blanket ban on accessing RaymanPC via Tor is considered, since the network is abused by many. While it is being tested, several users notice the ban and protests ensue. A compromise is soon reached, as suggested by #Rubber mark#, whereby access via Tor is allowed for certain members on a case-by-case basis.
> Harpic fraîcheur and Lysol are banned for a week for making public threats against the staff over the Tor ban.
> Harpic fraîcheur becomes the first member to reach one million Tings.
> After 5 years of service, Master steps down from his positions of English global moderator and English RayWiki administrator. His contributions and his efforts will be remembered by many for years to come.
> PluMGMK is promoted to English global moderator, while LoveMetal becomes a moderator for both the French and English forums.
> Ray502 is promoted to English RayWiki administrator.
> The community apparently reaches 5000 members. However, the number drops again after the forum update in September (since phpBB3.2 apparently counts users differently).
> LoveMetal creates the Video Games Knowledge Quiz.

August 2018
> The Anti-Jlfksjlfl Club appears. In the ensuing war of words, most members side with the Jlfksjlfl.
> The thirteenth edition of the posts in a day record takes place. For the third straight year, the record is unfortunately not beaten, despite the posting bots unleashed by certain members (initially at crossed purposes due to a programming mistake). The number of posts is comparable only to the 2008 Record Day, a decade previously, despite the apparently elevated activity beforehand.
> Several members suddenly receive the toilet avatar. It turns out that Danone's password has been obtained, and as leader of the "Teensies Club" group, he is able to add members to that group, make it their primary, and specify a special rank for the group, in this case the toilet rank! The Teensies Club is deleted after this incident.
> The Jonster is confronted about his posting practices on Record Day, and resolves to change his ways.

September 2018
> It is announced that Rayman is to become a playable character in Brawlhalla, Ubisoft's F2P fighting game.
> English moderators Ray502, Ambidextroid and Serza5 leave the moderation team. Ray502 remains as a RayWiki administrator.
> Differences again arise between the Jlfksjlfl and MACHINE, who gets doxxed. The matter is settled with the help of Ting donations from RibShark and PluMGMK.
> Comments on Retrofuge's Rayman Discord Server anger the Jlfksjlfl, who declare war. After several hacks, it shuts down.
> RaymanPC undergoes a major hardware and software update. The forum is updated to phpBB3.2 and the wiki is updated to MediaWiki 1.31, and single sign-on is implemented between them. The site is also moved to a new server, bringing an end to the era of the forum clock going out of sync.

October 2018
> Rayman 1 is announced as one of the titles coming to the "PlayStation Classic" console. Reception is lukewarm, as the machine itself seems to be a glorified emulator-running computer.

November 2018
> Rayman comes to Brawlhalla, along with Globox, Barbara and others. Members start playing enthusiastically to earn enough coins to unlock them.
> The forum and wiki search engines are upgraded, to Sphinx and Elasticsearch respectively, making it much easier to find things on both. In particular, forum searches for terms with fewer than four letters are now allowed.
> Lysol, Harpic fraîcheur and BestXIII are each banned for a month for sending inappropriate PMs.

December 2018
> The banner contest for the 2018 Christmas theme is launched, and is won a few days later by Steo.
> Information is discovered about a cancelled game from the early 2000s, which was to be called, oddly enough, Rayman Adventures.


January 2019
> By now, activity has quietened significantly once again.
> Droolie posts some unused dialog found in the files of the DS version of Rayman Raving Rabbids. The text suggests that the original storyline of the game involved the antagonist's turning out to be Dark Rayman.

February 2019
> A brief discussion arises due to the filing/renewal of a "RAYMAN" trademark by Ubisoft.

March 2019
> A number of members get upset about Fifo's behaviour, and he leaves briefly.

April 2019
> PC is rebranded as Rayman Hair-Creature-Community for April Fools' Day and its immediate aftermath. In a celebration of some of the more controversially wacky elements of Rayman Origins (particularly its PlayStation Vita version), the forum language is also changed to Pig Latin for all users. The "you" BBcode, which had been removed in a site update over a decade previously, makes a return, resulting in confusion among certain users who can't understand why everyone is talking about them.
> Ray502 steps down from his English administrator position on RayWiki.
> #Rubber mark# announces that all disputes between the Jlfksjlfl and PC members have been settled. The news is welcomed by everyone.

May 2019
> Rémi Gazel, the main composer of Rayman 1's soundtrack, passes away due to cancer. Members gather to pay their respects.

June 2019
> Canard WC becomes the second member to reach one million Tings, thanks to a generous donation provided by Harpic fraîcheur.

July 2019
> R4Y_ANC3L joins the Jlfksjlfl.
> A Russian version of RayWiki is launched on the 25th.
> Hunch creates a recruitment topic, in a similar vein to 2009, 2011, 2013, and 2017, where members can apply to become moderators. Applications were accepted until the 1st of August.

August 2019
> Hoodcom steps down as English administrator.
> English global moderator and French moderator PluMGMK is promoted to English administrator.
> French global moderator and RayWiki administrator boomboleros7 is promoted to English global moderator.
> Steo is promoted to English moderator.
> RaymanPC celebrates its 16th birthday.
> The fourteenth edition of the posts in a record day takes place. Unlike previous years, posting quality by users is improved, despite the low post count.

September 2019
> Rayman Mini is announced and later released on the Apple Arcade service. Reactions are mixed to negative.

October 2019
> News surfaces of an animated television show in planning, "inspired" by Rayman. Enthusiasm dies down as it becomes apparent that Rayman himself will not feature.
> A topic is created on RaymanPC about Raymap, a level viewer/editor for Rayman 2, Rayman 3 and other games on the same engine. This editor has existed for some time, developed by Droolie and bunnieblaster/Robin.

November 2019
> PluMGMK reimplements the soundtrack functionality of Rayman Plus within DOSBox, allowing it to be used on all platforms on which DOSBox can run, instead of just Windows.
> RayCarrot discovers unused subtitles for the relic stories in the PlayStation Vita version of Rayman Origins, after creating a tool that decodes UbiArt localization files (this tool is then included in the Rayman Control Panel). This leads to renewed discussion of those controversial sequences.

December 2019
> R4Y_ANC3L returns after a few months of absence.
> RayTunes is updated with the soundtracks from Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 and Rayman Mini, along with the official soundtrack from Tonic Trouble.
> Haruka closes her channel due to the recent changes to YouTube, most notably COPPA.


January 2020
> L.M. Murphy provides two further tracks for inclusion on RayTunes, from the N64 version of Tonic Trouble

February 2020
> SpyroGuy discovers that Claude Samard, the composer for Rayman M has uploaded high-quality takes of several tracks from the game, plus the never-before-heard "Chase Race Medley".

March 2020
> RayCarrot begins posting unused sprites extracted from Rayman 1's files, in the topic for that game, prompting renewed interest in its early development.

April 2020
> Due to lack of activity, April Fools' Day goes unmarked on RaymanPC in 2020.
> Former global moderator Master suddenly reappears and is welcomed by all.
> Master becomes the second member to reach 50,000 posts in the history of RaymanPC (after Hunchman801).

May 2020
> An Excel file containing unused localization text for Rayman Origins is discovered in a Just Dance game. References are found to a cut mosquito level in the Land of the Livid Dead and to unused costumes. It also appears that Big Mama was at one stage intended to be a transformation of the Bubble Dreamer (as opposed to Mamma Hité or Voodoo Mamma).
> RayCarrot previews Ray1map, a new viewer/editor for levels in Rayman 1 and its spin-offs.
> #Rubber mark# creates the Rayman streaming topic to coordinate discussion of gameplay streams of Rayman games.
> French and English moderator LoveMetal leaves.

June 2020
> Rayman Together affiliates with Pirate-Community, and their first ever partnership video from Rayman Together Play is posted on the portal.
> The documentary is re-merged into a single post due to the longer character limit of the newest version of phpBB.
> A release trailer appears for Rayman Redemption, and the game comes out a week later to great acclaim. R4Y_ANC3L attempts to stream it on release day, but this is delayed due to technical difficulties.
> Steo is promoted to English global moderator in place of boomboleros7, who remains as French global moderator.
> The Jonster becomes an English moderator.

July 2020
> YouTuber PandaMonium discovers some old E3 footage showcasing a scrapped version of the original Rayman game running on the SEGA Genesis 32X. The video is quickly posted on RaymanPC. The footage shows a cut background from the Dream Forest, which strangely seems more detailed than its retail counterpart.

August 2020
> RPC celebrates its 17th birthday.
> The fifteenth edition of the posts in a day record takes place. While the overall record is not beaten, the record of the previous year is beaten, with 5095 posts. R4Y_ANC3L also makes a recording of the event.
> Due to Haruka's channel closing the previous year, a project is initiated to preserve her videos to a new channel and to replace the links on RayWiki that led to the now-privated videos.

September 2020
> After many years in the video game industry, Michel Ancel decides to retire. He also posts a drawing by RPC member Geigergast.

October 2020
> The Rayman Reanimated Collab is published.

November 2020
> Adsolution and Keane briefly return to the forum.

December 2020
>, an umbrella site for several Rayman modding tools, gets an official topic on RaymanPC. This complements the already-existing topics for Raymap and Ray1map.
> PluMGMK manages to reverse engineer the Lums Code generator from Rayman 3 in order to restore the Hall of Fame. Steo helps them out with the console versions.
> After months of handwaving, PluMGMK starts working on a proposed new ranklist to replace the one in place since 2012, which contained a few inconsistencies and mistakes.


January 2021
> Ryemanni, who released Rayman Redemption the previous summer, releases the first prototype of Rayman ReDesigner, the long-anticipated follow-up with its own level editor. Rayman Saturn creates English and French topics on RaymanPC, which are used to share user-created levels.
> Poberteii joins and brings up the topic of "Rayman's training", an animated short apparently produced shortly after the decision to make Rayman 2 a 3D game. The short in its entirety has yet to surface, but apparently many clips of it survived in trailers for the final game, despite its subject matter being much closer to the original 2D prototype.
> RayCarrot steps down from his position as English RayWiki administrator on the 7th.
> The Pirate-Community's speedrunning section is launched on the last day of the month. It kicks off with SpeedRay 2021, a speedrunning contest for the five main-series Rayman games with physical prizes for the winners.

February 2021
> Rayman ReDesigner version 1.0 is released.
> To celebrate the speedrunning section's launch, Challenge of the Month is revived, with the challenge being to complete the Walk of Life as quickly as possible. Complications ensue when it turns out that the in-game timer cannot be trusted, meaning entries have to be manually timed (although an unofficial patch is soon published that makes the game count time properly).
> Ryemanni announces the end of new feature additions to Rayman ReDesigner. There is a degree of disappointment that there is no documented way for others to continue adding more features to the game, which is still very new.

March 2021
> The SpeedRay 2021 winners are announced, and they receive their prizes.
> More footage surfaces on YouTube of animation produced early in the 3D development of Rayman 2, which may or may not have been part of "Rayman's training".
> A previously-unseen Rayman 3 demo appears, and Droolie soon finds old cutscenes and two early-development texture archives in its files. Both the cutscenes and textures spark new discussion on how the game's storyline had evolved during its development.
> The content and ordering of the new rank list are agreed, and the quest for new avatars begins.

April 2021
> The theme for April Fools' Day parodies Rayman Mini, with a banner involving an evil Flaming Teensy and indicating that RaymanPC itself is becoming an Apple Arcade exclusive.
> Greeness returns to the forum.
> Xenesus visits the forum for the first time in over a decade, and is greeted with warm welcomes by its members.

May 2021
> After a little over 5 months, and a couple of last-minute polls, the new ranklist proposed by PluMGMK is completed and implemented. Members who contributed receive 200 Tings per avatar, with Elite Piranha receiving an additional 1000 Tings for his extra effort of creating a Wiki page for it.

June 2021
> The r/Rayman subreddit becomes an affiliate of RaymanPC.
> RayTunes is updated, with additions such as tracks from Rayman Mini's new Mister Dark mode, and Claude Samard's character theme medleys from Rayman M.
> deton24 and dr_st join the modding and utilities team.

July 2021
> A fully remade intro for Rayman 2 is created by Lokendens, which is received positively.

August 2021
> Pirate Community celebrates its eighteenth birthday.
> The sixteenth edition of the posts in a record day takes place. For the first time in its history, it takes place on a Sunday, and it is exactly one year after the 2020 event. Again, the record is not beaten, with 1654 messages posted by 28 people.
> News reaches RaymanPC of a new fangame, Rayman: The Dreamer's Boundary, slated for release in late 2022. It is enthusiastically received.
> Droolie unveils the Rayman Raving Rabbids Prototype Restoration Mod, a new feature of the Rayman Control Panel allowing the enablement of cut Rayman 4 functionality and mechanics in a running copy of the Steam or GOG version of Rayman Raving Rabbids. Many members eagerly experiment with it, and discussion of the prototype's development and cancellation is renewed.
> Daniel Mansson, the composer for Rayman Junior, uploads a mix of tunes from his work on the game to YouTube. At the end of the month, Rayman Saturn posts the mix in the RayTunes topic. Many of the tracks were never heard before.

September 2021
> Droolie continues working on Rayman Raving Rabbids, demonstrating maps imported from other Jade engine games, beginning with Peter Jackson's King Kong and followed closely by Beyond Good & Evil.

October 2021
> Justaxe joins and makes available a version of Rayman Arena designed to be easier to install on modern versions of Windows, and to play online via the LAN capability.

November 2021
> Adsolution announces RaymapGame, a "remake/remaster" of Rayman 2 using the Unity Engine, reading the original game's files.

December 2021
> Elite Piranha creates this year's Christmas banner for the forum, and Flat Earth Society creates the one for the wiki.
> Squiz starts talking about modding Rayman ReDesigner using UnderTaleModTool, since the source code was never released.


January 2022
> Rayman ReDesigner receives an Anniversary Update, adding for the first time the ability to include custom graphics in levels. This revives interest in the game, and several bugfix releases follow.
> Rayman Saturn discovers the last hidden secret in Rayman Redemption.
> Former moderator Ray502 returns to the forum.

February 2022
> Ribshark discovers a leak for the source code for Rayman Raving Rabbids DS, which also included the engine for Rayman 2.
> The second edition of the speedrunning contest, SpeedRay 2022, is launched.

March 2022
> The winners of SpeedRay 2022 are announced.
> After over a year of searching, the short "Rayman's training" is discovered, uploaded to YouTube by Nimitz, the owner of BG&EMyth. It turns out that the video has been "available" for a year in the files of an archived Beyond Good & Evil demo, but it took that long for it to be found within the dump. The short does not in fact contain all of the clips that were previously believed to be part of it.
> Thextera performs a damageless 100% run of Rayman 1 in 2h 10m 51s. The achievement is widely celebrated and is written up in The Gamer.

April 2022
> For April Fools' Day, arnoldfranklin "announces" that the site is to become RabbidsPC, and the forum banner is adjusted accordingly.
> Also on April Fools' Day, some footage appears, apparently showing gameplay from a long-lost educational spinoff of Rayman 2, known as "Rayman 2: Back to School" (which had indeed been referenced in a few sources). The footage shows a never-before-seen 3D version of Picture City.
> On 2 April, it is revealed that the "Rayman 2: Back to School" footage is real – however, it is not from a long-lost game, but (as some had already suspected) created using the Rayman 2 engine and tools leaked in February. It is announced as a bona fide fangame using the original Rayman 2 engine.
> arnoldfranklin creates Find Rayman's Stuff, a forum scavenger hunt, but the participation rate is low.

May 2022
> Preparation begins for the seventeenth Record Day.

June 2022
> Droolie publishes a video detailing the original story and gameplay of the Nintendo DS game which became "Rayman Raving Rabbids" for DS upon its release. It is received with interest by the community.
> Garo releases AI-upscaled texture packs for the Special and Retail Editions of Tonic Trouble.

July 2022
> The seventeenth Record Day is held on the ninth. Only 821 posts are made, by only 18 people. It is agreed that for the next edition more proactive steps should be taken to improve participation.
> On the 24th, the forum structure is simplified and rearranged. For each language, the "Pirate-Community Websites" section is merged into the "Members Forum", and the Rayman section is moved to the top. The English forums are also moved above the French forums, as had previously been tried in 2008. Screenshots: Before; After

August 2022
> Pirez briefly returns after three years of absence.
> Work begins on a Russian forum section, to complement the existing Russian topic. The username colours for French and German moderators are changed to the same shade of orange as English moderators, in anticipation of the addition of a fourth language group.
> Round 2 of Find Rayman's Stuff begins.
> The forum reaches 8000 topics, but falls back below this after some are merged.

September 2022
> Hunchman801 reaches 82000 posts, and around the same time the forum once again reaches 8000 topics.
> At Ubisoft Forward, a teaser is shown of a future DLC for Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope, featuring Rayman and the Rabbids. Some members greet the news enthusiastically, while others are more circumspect.
> Rayman: The Dreamer's Boundary is released on the 15th, and many members immediately download and start playing it.

October 2022
> Rayman: Alive is announced as an upcoming event dedicated to Rayman fangames.
> The Russian forums are officially opened on the 21st, with CrazyKyoto and dr_st as moderators.

November 2022
> The moderators' username colours are changed again on the 1st. The French moderators are restored to the original shade of orange, while German and Russian moderators are given new shades of blue. The German moderators are changed again to purple on the 3rd, to improve legibility.

December 2022
> On the 8th, a routine software upgrade turns out to be more complicated than expected, and leads to the forum being unavailable for almost a day, and the wiki for a bit longer.
> On the 10th, Rayman: Alive takes place, and many projects reveal new updates, and even some new projects are announced. A new website is unveiled for Rayman 2 HD, which is then featured on the RaymanPC portal.
> Droolie announces Rayman Legends Fan DLC, backporting the characters and locations from Rayman Adventures to Rayman Legends.
> On the 24th, the source code and editor for Rayman 4 are leaked. This is an early version of Rayman Raving Rabbids, featuring platforming and combat elements. Over the next few days and weeks, various modders polish the prototype to make it more playable. The names and models of the characters Simohne and Monik are discovered, and the concept of Rayomz is revealed to be considerably older than previously thought.


January 2023
> On the 6th, ItzalDrake uploads new images originating from the cancelled Rayman 4 prototype by Phoenix Studio.
> On the 24th, Droolie shares a much-improved version of the leaked Rayman 4 prototype.

February 2023
> On the 3rd, RayWiki officially joins the Gaming Wiki Network, a network of independently-hosted gaming wikis with the intent of creating the best sources of information for their respective series by fans.
> On the 22nd, the third edition of the annual speedrunning contest, Speedray 2023, is announced. This year's prize is for the fastest time to complete the Land of the Livid Dead in Rayman 3, with a score of over 100,000 points.

March 2023
> RaymanRedemption announces a new site for Rayman Designer levels and other content, called
> Speedray 2023 officially concluded on the 29th. EricZen wins the grand prize with a time of 14 minutes and 16 seconds.

April 2023
> For April Fools' Day, a "Definitive Edition" of Rayman: The Dreamer's Boundary is "announced", a parody of the Rayman Legends "Definitive Edition" from 2017.
> To celebrate the opening of, a €10 Discord Nitro giveaway takes place.
> The Documentary grows beyond 120,000 characters.
> On the 16th, Droolie releases the final Rayman 4 prototype patch, based on the leak from December. The new patch features adaptive widescreen, an English translation, an overhauled main menu, the polished moveset and editable maps from Rayman Raving Rabbids and Beyond Good & Evil!

May 2023
> ItzalDrake runs a survey to collect the desires of members for the upcoming Rayman DLC for Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope.
> On the 5th, several members of the community are invited to a workshop hosted by Ubisoft Milan to playtest the upcoming DLC for Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope.

June 2023
> Ubisoft Forward's official livestream takes place. During the video, a teaser showing the characters for the Rayman DLC for Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope can be seen.
> The 18th edition of the posts in a record day is announced. Polls began running on the 18th for a set date.

July 2023
> After polls were counted, the weekend of August 26th became the set date for Record Day.
> The lead game designer of Rayman Legends, Émile Morel, passes away.
> On the 8th, Droolie posts a progress report on the Rayman Legends Fan DLC, and asks for help with sprites for the newly-added characters.

August 2023
> The upcoming DLC featuring Rayman for Mario & Rabbids: Sparks of Hope is confirmed to be released on the 30th, under the name "Rayman in the Phantom Show".
> There is an increase in activity due to the arrival of some new members, in proportions not seen since 2018.
> Pirate Community celebrates its 20th birthday.
> For the first time since 2019, Hunch creates a recruitment topic in which members can apply for moderator positions. Applications could be sent up to the end of the month.
> Davide Soliani delivers a personal message to the community through ItzalDrake, expressing his interest in reviving Rayman.
> The 18th Record Day takes places on the 26th, with the attendance rate from members being much greater than in recent years. Despite a brief outage near the end of the event, 4679 posts are made by 45 people, beating several records from previous years, including last year's.
> Former staff member Master returns to the forum.
> With the increasing amount of fangames for Rayman in progress, a discussion is brought up on creating a section for these fangames.

September 2023
> Members ItzalDrake and DaveRattlehead become English moderators, along with Russian moderator dr_st.
> Rayman Alive is revealed to be returning this year, with the showcase coming out in the 16th of December.
> After going uncontested for many years, the name "Gonzo" is replaced by "Art Rytus" as the official name of the third Teensie Doctor due to the lack of official sources regarding the former. The RayWiki page is updated to reflect this.
> A trailer for an anime inspired by Far Cry is schedule to come out, with Rayman being featured in the trailer.

October 2023
> A new animated series called Captain Laserhawk: A Blood Dragon Remix is released, featuring Rayman and other characters from Ubisoft. Members' reactions are mixed, though mostly positive.
> Following the discussions in August, Hunch, along with dr_st and Mortamon Saturn secretly begin work on creating a website similar to RayWiki but exclusive to the fanworks, which would later be called Rayfanpedia. They are later joined by other fangame creators and other notable members, including Elite Piranha and Hoodcom.

November 2023
> In order to maintain quality activity on RPC, PluMGMK devises a ruleset and guidelines for all members to follow.
> neo makes a reappearance to the forum, along with former staff members Hoodcom and Adsolution.
> Challenge of the Month returns, with the challenge this month featuring a Speedrun Challenge in the second phase of Top of the World, which also consisted of collecting all the yellow lums and cages as fast as possible. The Jonster wins this challenge.

December 2023
> Santa gives users the possibility to create their own Christmas Special Rank for the entirety of December, with many members participating by submitting their temporary Christmas avatars.
> After 4 years since the closing of The Gaming Cosmos channel, the project of archiving its videos on the official RayWiki channel is completed, along with replacing all the corresponding links on RayWiki. Special thanks goes to Hunch, RayCarrot, dr_st, Master, The Jonster, and Haruka for making this possible.
> Rayman Alive takes place again on December the 16th, featuring the fandom's most recent creations, including different fangames, comics and animated series. The launch of Rayfanpedia, the Wiki for fanworks of Rayman occurs the same day, with Pirate-Community announcing this in both the live-stream and in the forums.
> The Challenge of the Month this time features a Scoring Challenge in an area of the second phase of The Summit Beyond the Clouds, with this challenge closing by the end of January. Winner to be determined
> Due to the recent activity boost, The Awesome and Cool Poll Thread, The Awesome and Cool Poll Thread (Rayman version) and the box art poll are brought back.


January 2024
> On the 1st, 68 prototypes of Rayman 3 for GBA got leaked. The files included some documentation related to the game's development, which was planned to be Rayman 2.
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Post by Xenon »

Good idea, but it's not looking great at the moment.

I could name some events that have happened, but I'm not old enough to know it all.
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Post by Beebop »

Don't worry. If we can get some older members to contribut, we would have a document that shows all the things that have happened since the start of PC's existence.
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Post by Xenon »

I think it's a great idea :) I'll sticky it if it becomes a success.
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Post by Beebop »

That'll be good.
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Post by Xenon »

So, before this year, when did you leave PC?
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Post by Beebop »

I left in 2004, I think. That was becuase I didn't have a computer at home during that time. I had to keep going up to the local library and booking computers to come here. It is only just recently that I have got my own internet connection.
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Post by Feanaro Surion »

Oh, ok. Glad you're back again.

Oi maamme Suomi synnyinmaa,
Soi sana kultainen!
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Post by Beebop »

Me too. :)
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Post by Xenon »

Good job. But I edited the first part. Netherlands forums came recently, remember? :P
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Post by Beebop »

OK, thanks. I still have to fill in a few gaps. I will be pointing out events that happened a long time ago. Like fueds and forum disasters. :)
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Post by Jman »

You should add some stuff about the contests and raytunes, and the up and coming raygallery, and Hunchman's update of the rank list.
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Post by soxfan2006 »

Why wasn't I in there? I have done important stuff like help you from gettin detected at rz and like I made a forum. Why doesn't anybody care about me?
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Post by neo »

Piano Made it. :lol: Hopefully he'll put how you helped. ;)
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Post by Jman »

Yeah. It makes sense that he would mention himself so many times.
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Post by Beebop »

If any of you can tell me any events that happened and what month and year they happened, I will add them. :wink:
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Post by Hunchman801 »

Pianoman, this is the best idea you've had since you joined :D Of course I once thought of making a documentary, but I was too busy to start it.
However, it will have to be perfected. First of all, it must not be a summary of the PC news page, but a documentary mainly focused on the forum, which is the central part of our community. As a consequence, many lines such as additions to the R³ folder are useless.
Then, we will have to add many things, and to ask old members what they remember from old times. No month is not noteworthy in the history of PC ;)
I will soon modify it (on my computer) to show you how I would improve it.
Good luck anyway, and count on me!
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Post by Beebop »

You May edit it as you see fit. I will get some information and add it as I find it out.
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Post by Beebop »

You May edit it as you see fit. I will get some information and add it as I find it out.
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Post by Feanaro Surion »

This is really cool. I never new most of the PC background, so it's really enlightening. Nice going Pianoman/Hunch.

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Soi sana kultainen!
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