List of achievements in Rayman Mini

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The achievements menu

Rayman Mini added in-game achievements in the 1.2.0 update.

Icon Name Description Version added
RM - honorstudent.png
Honor Student First 3 tutorials levels completed 1.2.0
RM - uncompleted.png
Uncompleted 1 level completed with 99 lums 1.2.0
RM - greedy.png
Greedy 1 level completed with 100 lums 1.2.0
RM - shopper.png
Shopper 1 swag coin caught 1.2.0
RM - extragreedy.png
Extra greedy Catch 10 Skull coins 1.2.0
RM - globoxmania.png
Globox Mania Complete 5 levels as "Globox" 1.2.0
RM - barbaramania.png
Barbara Mania Complete 5 levels as "Barbara" 1.2.0
RM - teensymania.png
Teensy Mania Complete 5 levels as "Teensy" 1.2.0
RM - tourist.png
Tourist "The Rabbit Hole" unlocked 1.2.0
RM - surfer.png
Surfer All "The River Stream" levels completed with a Perfect 1.2.0
RM - wanderer.png
Wanderer "The Swamp" unlocked 1.2.0
RM - digger.png
Digger All "The Rabbit Hole" levels completed with a Perfect 1.2.0
RM - wayfarer.png
Wayfarer "The Trunk" unlocked 1.2.0
RM - mushymushy.png
Mushy Mushy All "The Swamp" levels completed with a Perfect 1.2.0
RM - pathfinder.png
Pathfinder "The Foliage" unlocked 1.2.0
RM - treehugger.png
Treehugger All "The Trunk" levels completed with a Perfect 1.2.0
RM - glider.png
Glider All "The Foliage" levels completed with a Perfect 1.2.0
RM - scout.png
Scout "Bonus" unlocked 1.2.0
RM - hotshot.png
Perfectionist All levels completed with a Perfect 1.2.0
RM - collector.png
Collector 1,000 lums collected in Challenges 1.2.0
RM - hoarder.png
Hoarder 10,000 lums collected in Challenges 1.2.0
RM - runner.png
Runner 5,000 meters travelled in Challenges 1.2.0
RM - marathoner.png
Marathoner Travel 42,195 meters in Challenges 1.2.0
RM - shopaholic.png
Shopaholic Earn 10 Swag coins 1.2.0
RM - chopper.png
Chopper 2,000 meter travelled by Air 1.2.0
RM - stylist.png
Stylist 20 costumes unlocked 1.2.0
RM - fashionvictim.png
Fashion victim Unlocked 50 costumes 1.2.0
RM - letsrock.png
Let's Rock You've finished your first music level 1.3.0
RM - notjustsound.png
Not just sound You've finished your first perfect ear level 1.3.0
RM - musicianinherb.png
Music to my ears You've played all songs at least once 1.3.0
RM - seenitall.png
Eye doctor You've seen all visual modifiers in Music mode 1.3.0
RM - rythimintheskin.png
Musician in the making You've obtained your first music medal 1.3.0
RM - swingforall.png
Face the music You've obtained all the music medals 1.3.0
RM - taxcollector.png
Tax collector You've collected 200 gems from creatures in the garden (unused)
RM - familygathering.png
Family gathering A family is completed in the garden (unused)
RM - whatsinside.png
Tic-tac-toe Cup obtained in the garden (unused)
RM - firstcontract.png
Done deal Your first contract is finished (unused)
RM - allworkdone.png
Done and done! All your contracts for the day are done and your awesomeness is at least to level 10! (unused)
RM - isthisparadise.png
Is it paradise? You've discovered the garden (unused)
RM - liberatormachine.png
The liberator You've broken 15 eggs in a row (unused)
RM - nojealousy.png
Everybody needs somebody All families have at least a creature (unused)
RM - thatsastart.png
Opened door You've freed your first creature (unused)
RM - allthatmoney.png
Diamonds are forever You've collected 1,000,000 gems (unused)
RM - crowner.png
Impressive You've reached the level 10 of awesomeness (unused)
RM - majestic.png
Wonderfull You've reached the level 15 of awesomeness (unused)
RM - nothingabove.png
Magnificent You've reached the level 20 of awesomeness (unused)