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Alignment Good

Appears in Rayman Legends, Rayman Adventures
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Sex Male or female
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Status Background character, ally

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Creatures are living beings that are first encountered in Rayman Legends and then in Rayman Adventures.

In Rayman Legends

The logo as it appears in the Main Gallery.

In Rayman Legends, they are one of four different prizes to be won with the lucky tickets, and once they are won, they are taken into the Creatures gallery which is found in the Main Gallery; in there, they stay floating around their respective shelves, and each individual creature has a pillow to rest on. The lesser ranked creatures each carry a purple Lum, while higher ranked creatures hold a Skull Coin, the King and Queen creatures will hold two Skull Coins. These collectables will reappear once every day. Gold, silver and bronze cups can also be earned as families of creatures are built up in rows.


There are six different species, each of those consisting of ten members. Some of these have different facial features to tell them apart.

The Frogs

  • Olgio
  • Kinio
  • Pulbio
  • Anio
  • Globio
  • Tutio
  • Bolbio
  • Smolio
  • Salvio
  • Wirdio

The Robots

  • Kiplik
  • Panik
  • Irik
  • Kosmik
  • Coblic
  • Antenik
  • Vlik
  • Robik
  • Jerrik
  • Ciclik

The Balloons

Bobos, one of the Balloons.
  • Tatos
  • Lordos
  • Hatos
  • Ciclos
  • Fairos
  • Strangos
  • Bobos
  • Titos
  • Triplos
  • Lipsos

The Toasts

  • Pritaf
  • Numaf
  • Finaf
  • Knaf
  • Forkaf
  • Cookaf
  • Blaf
  • Moraf
  • Unaf
  • Smaf

The Ghosts

  • Elloo
  • Tithoo
  • Palmoo
  • Glassoo
  • Wigoo
  • Lipoo
  • Bloo
  • Hiloo
  • Trooploo
  • Xeloo

The Pigs

  • Bwig
  • Pwig
  • Wig
  • Polig
  • Plig
  • Gilig
  • Trig
  • Unig
  • Blig
  • Elig

Achievements and trophies

The trophies They're so cute! and I just love them! are unlocked by winning respectively 30 and all of the creatures.

In Rayman Adventures

Vern, the first Incrediball collected by Rayman, in front of a withered Sacred Tree.

New creatures called the Incrediballs play a major role in Rayman Adventures. There are, as of now, 380 different Incrediballs, spread between various families. The members of a same family share a similar appearance as well as an identical role, which can be either inhaler, seeker or protector.