Freeze Ray

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Freeze Ray
Freeze Ray.png
Alignment Good

Appears in Rayman Adventures
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Portrayed by Douglas Rand

Sex Male
Species Rayman's species

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Unlock criteria Winter Warmth Bundle, Freeze Ray Ice Pack

Freeze Ray, also known as Ray Freeze, is a character who appears in Rayman Adventures. He is a member of Rayman's species. He was introduced in version 3.0.0.


Freeze Ray wears a brown coat, hat, and shoes. He is also covered in snow.

Role in the games

Rayman Adventures

Freeze Ray loves snowflakes and the cold! He is an adventurer that loves to explore the snowy north with it's [sic] breath-taking beauty. His favorite winter beverage is a steaming cup of Hot Chocolate, with some fire-roasted Marshmallows!
—In-game description, Rayman Adventures

He could only be purchased through the Winter Warmth Bundle.

Freeze-Ray's sharing photo in Rayman Adventures.


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