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Alignment Good

Appears in Rayman Adventures
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Portrayed by Douglas Rand

Sex Male
Species Teensie
Status Witch Doctor, GOT Member

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Unlock criteria Olympic Pack (Rayman Adventures)

The Teenseer is a playable character who appears in Rayman Adventures. He is a witch doctor that is said to have incredible abilities.


The Teenseer is a dark skinned Teensie who wears a green coat (presumably made out of grass or leaves) with cuffs made of grass that is similar to what his skirt is made of as well. As Shayman, Grovebox, and Amazonia do, the Teenseer has body paint on his face. The Teenseer wears a hat made of very colorful, tall feathers and wears a necklace.

Role in the games

Rayman Adventures

The Teenseer is a powerful medicine man whose abilities come at the cost of his sense of smell... Nobody wants to tell him that's it's probably just that bone through his nose.
—In-game description, Rayman Adventures

In Rayman Adventures he can only be bought through the Limited Olympic Special Pack that includes him, Shayman, Grovebox, and Amazonia. As stated in this pack, Teenseer is a member of the "GOT", Glade Olympic Team.

Teenseer's sharing photo in Rayman Adventures showing his earlier design.



  • The Teenseer had another design before this more colorful one. He was still dark skinned but his attire was much different. He wore a dark brown coat with a white, feathery collar and wooden looking sleeves that had a yellow and white rim around them. He wore a different looking skirt and his navel showed. His body paint was different colored as well. While his hat was still made of feathers, these ones were just white and black. The most noticeable part of this original design was the huge bone sticking out of his nose. This part is extremely out of place because the in-game description of the Teenseer still has this scrapped design choice in it. This design also shows up in the game when the player selects the "Share" option in the Costumes menu.

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