Funky Ray

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Funky Ray
Alignment Good

Appears in Rayman Legends (Wii U, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch), Rayman Adventures
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Portrayed by Douglas Rand

Sex Male
Species Rayman's species
Status Disco Lover

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Unlock criteria Having played the Challenge App
(Wii U only) (Rayman Legends)
Using Uplay units
(PS4 and Xbox One only)
(Switch only) (Rayman Legends)

1 500 1 5001 5001 500 Gem icon.png, Groovy Pack (Rayman Adventures)

Funky Ray is one of the playable characters in Rayman Legends and Rayman Adventures, and one of the characters based on Rayman's animated model.


Funky Ray shares the same look as Rayman, however, his clothing is similar to that of the Disco costume featured in Rayman Raving Rabbids.

Role in the games

Rayman Legends

Raw is just like Ray, he's awesome at everything he does. His favourite hobby's chasing bad guys around the Glade of Dreams.
—In-game description, Rayman Legends (early build) on Xbox 360
This groovy hero is an exclusive reward for players who competed in Rayman Legends Challenges App! He’s a fierce competitor who wants to become the greatest champion in the Glade of Dreams!
—In-game description, Rayman Legends on Wii U
As you can guess, this groovy guy spends a lot of time taking care of his amazing haircut. But make no mistake, behind those huge shades lies a real champion always ready for a new challenge!
—In-game description, Rayman Legends on Playstation 4, Xbox One

In Rayman Legends, Funky Ray is available for the Wii U, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch versions. In the Wii U version, he could only be unlocked by having previously downloaded the Rayman Legends Challenges App from the Wii U eShop. In the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions, he can be unlocked by paying 100 Uplay units through Uplay. In the Nintendo Switch version, he is unlocked by default.

Originally it appears his name was "Raw some", as can be seen in an early build for Xbox 360.

Funky Ray is purchased from Uplay on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions.
Once it has been purchased it will be unlocked in the game.
An extra painting will appear for Funky Ray once it has been purchased.

Rayman Adventures

He loves anything shiny and glittery, and above all, the haircuts from the 70s. His prayers are about to come true: the fashion pages of the Glade of Dreams Daily are annoncing that bell bottoms are coming back in style.
—In-game description, Rayman Adventures

In Rayman Adventures he can be bought in the Groovy Pack or for 1 500 gems.

Funky Ray's sharing photo in Rayman Adventures.


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