Lums Radar

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Rayman finds the Lums Radar in the chest.

The Lums Radar is a device which Rayman can use to find nearby Yellow Lums. It appears only in Rayman Revolution. A creation of the Robo-Pirates, this horseshoe-magnet-like tool was stored in a back room in the Tomb of the Ancients, near the Technical Check-up where Clark was imprisoned. Once Rayman defeats Clark (who was being controlled by the Spyglass Pirate), Clark tells Rayman to investigate the back room, where he finds the Lums Radar in a chest, together with the 1000th Yellow Lum. The Radar is activated by pressing the R2 button on the PlayStation 2 controller, which causes it to appear at the screen's HUD display. It will then point in the direction of the nearest Yellow Lum in the current area; if it remains inert, this means that Rayman has collected all nearby Yellow Lums and can proceed to the next area. Pressing the R2 button again will cause the Lums Radar to disappear – its use is entirely optional. Overall the Lums Radar makes tracking down all 1000 Yellow Lums a much easier task in Rayman Revolution than it is in Rayman 2.

The Lums Radar has one downside, however; it always points directly towards the nearest Yellow Lum, which often results in it pointing towards a wall. The Radar does not show the player exactly how they are meant to find the Yellow Lums – it only shows them where the Yellow Lums are.