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  • This article is about the bonus levels in Rayman 2. For bonus levels from other games, see Bonus level.

Bonus levels are minigames in Rayman 2.

In Rayman 2

They are accessed by completing a level with all of the Yellow Lums and breaking all of the pirate cages. The stage itself is a race between a baby Globox and the Spyglass Pirate. To win, the player must press jump and shoot (left and right in the PC version) alternately as fast as possible. The first character to get to the Ludiv at the highest point of the course wins. If the player wins, depending on the level played, they will gain extra life, a full life bar, a Power Fist, or full life and a Power Fist.

Bonus levels are not present in the PlayStation version of the game.

In Rayman 2 Forever

In Rayman 2 Forever, Rayman is tasked to collect baby Globoxes within a time limit. The portals that he goes into to get to the time attack are typical Spiral Doors, although they spin left instead of right. There is one present in each level.

Location Baby Globoxes to collect Time Limit (seconds)
Fairy Glade 10 24
Marshes of Awakening 10 24
Whale Bay 10 24
Cave of Bad Dreams 10 24
The Canopy 10 32
Sanctuary of Stone and Fire 10 32
Echoing Caves 11 40
The Precipice 10 24
Sanctuary of Rock and Lava 10 32
Tomb of the Ancients 10 24

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