Technical Check-up

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The Spyglass Pirate remotely controls Clark from a window overlooking the Technical Check-up.

The Technical Check-up is a Robo-Pirate laboratory located in the deepest parts of the Tomb of the Ancients. It is visited in Rayman 2 and its various remakes.

The Technical Check-up consists mainly of a single large stone chamber. Around the walls of the chamber are three timed switches; when all three are consecutively activated, a laser beam is projected across the middle of the chamber. In the roof of the chamber is a large mechanical fan. A single Teensie cage hangs from the overhead spider-webs. The chamber also contains an overlooking one-way window, connected to a hidden room. In Rayman Revolution, an additional room at the back of the main chamber is present.

In Rayman 2, Rayman finds his friend, Clark the Giant, lying ill in the Menhir HillsClark accidentally swallowed a piece of a Robo-Pirate, and it disagreed with his stomach. When Rayman brings Clark the Elixir of Life, the giant's vitality is restored, and he announces his intention to destroy more Robo-Pirates before running off. Later in the game, when Rayman arrives at the Tomb of the Ancients, he finds a sign erected by the Robo-Pirates. It reveals that Clark made his way from the Menhir Hills to the Tomb of the Ancients to attack the Robo-Pirates stationed there. However, they defeated and captured him before taking him to the Technical Check-up, where they perform their experiments.

At the end of the level, Rayman finds a door with a Robo-Pirate sign beside it, reading ‘Technical Check-up’. Once inside, he finds himself in the large chamber described above. Clark is lying slouched against the far wall. The two friends enjoy their reunion for a moment, then Clark begins acting strangely. It is revealed that the Robo-Pirates implanted a mechanical device on Clark's back which allows them to control him, turning him against his friend Rayman. The Spyglass Pirate lurks in a hidden room behind the chamber's overlooking window; in his hand he holds the remote control with which he manipulates Clark. During the ensuing battle, Rayman must use the switch-activated laser to trip the attacking Clark, then bombard the controlling implant with his magic fist. Once the implant is destroyed, Clark is returned to his normal self and thanks Rayman. Rayman must then climb onto Clark's back so that he can reach and destroy the overhanging cage, freeing the imprisoned Teensie, who then conjures a Spiral Door which Rayman can enter to finish the level.

In Rayman Revolution, once Rayman defeats and rescues Clark, the giant informs him that there is another room at the back of the chamber. This room is where the Robo-Pirates store their inventions. Rayman can enter the room, where he finds numerous Robo-Pirate artefacts; however, all but one of them are unusable. Rayman finds a treasure chest containing a device which resembles a horseshoe magnet – this is the Lums Radar. Rayman can activate it at will, and it appears on the game's heads-up display and points in the direction of the nearest Yellow Lum. In the same treasure chest, Rayman also finds the 1000th Yellow Lum, which was eaten by Admiral Razorbeard earlier in the game.

The Tomb of the Ancients secret – a mysterious Easter egg bonus area – is very close to the Technical Check-up. It may be connected in some way to the room from which the Spyglass Pirate overlooks the main chamber. The significance behind this – if any – is unclear.


  • The original name for the Technical Check-Up was Emission Control station.