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Alignment Good

Appears in Rayman 2, Rayman 3
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Sex Female
Species Fairy
Status Guard

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A Ludiv is a type of fairy found in Rayman's world, they serve a variety of purposes, but their role in the respective plots of the games they feature in is minor. A character named Flips who bears a strong resemblance to the Ludivs, features in Rayman: The Animated Series. However, it is never confirmed whether or not she is one.

In Rayman 2

A Ludiv in the bonus stage of Rayman 2.

A Ludiv (referred to only as a "pretty little fairy") appears in the bonus stages unlocked at the end of each level in Rayman 2 by finding all the level's Yellow Lums and breaking all its cages. In these bonus stages, the player controls a baby Globox, which must race against the Spyglass Pirate to get to the Ludiv first. If the player wins the race, the Ludiv can grant Rayman gifts (health and/or Power Fists). In the PlayStation version of the game, Ludivs are imprisoned in cages by the Robo-Pirates, along with greenbottles and Denys. When Rayman frees Ludivs, hearts appear over their heads in a manner which recalls the Electoons from the previous game.

In the PlayStation version

A Ludiv after Rayman has freed her from her cage in the PlayStation version of Rayman 2.

The most notable appearance of the Ludiv is in the PlayStation version, where Rayman must free them from cages, along with Denys and greenbottles. The manual for this version of the game states that it is said that Ludivs are short-sighted and that they wear glasses. Without them, they'd end up stuck, lost and knocked to the ground.

In Rayman 3

In Rayman 3, Ludivs guard the Heart of the World in the Fairy Council.


  • Of the three creatures that can be freed from cages in the PlayStation version of Rayman 2 (not counting the Teensies), Ludivs are the only race to not have an alternative name (although are notably only referred to as Ludivs in the PlayStation version of Rayman 2) as greenbottles are referred to as "Murfies" in the PlayStation Rayman 2 manual and Denys are referred to as Minisaurus in Rayman Revolution.
  • The name comes from "Ludivine", the name of the daughter of the person who designed it.[1]
  • The manual for the PlayStation version of Rayman 2 refers to the Ludivs as being shortsighted, hence why they wear spectacles. However, no Ludiv has ever been shown to wear spectacles in-game, and none have ever displayed a sight problem.
  • The manual for the PlayStation version of Rayman 2 also refers to the Ludivs as male, as in the entry for the Greenbottles (or Murphys) it states that "More than one Ludiv has fallen victim to [the Murphys'] pranks and been stripped of his pair of spectacles". However, all Ludivs shown in game appear to be female. It is, of course, possible that male Ludivs exist, which might also explain the spectacle discrepancy described above, as it may only be the males who are shortsighted.


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