Glob Crystal

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An old legend in the Globox Village tells of the Magical Crystals with the power to open mysterious doors.
—Manual (Dreamcast version), Rayman 2

Glob Crystals are items exclusive to the Dreamcast version of Rayman 2. These six glowing yellow crystals are used to unlock the three special minigames that can be accessed via the Globox Village. Whenever Rayman collects a Glob Crystal, it is taken to the Globox Village, and placed on one of the three tree stumps. When a tree stump has two Crystals on it, it becomes a magic portal, which leads Rayman to a minigame.

Finding two of the Glob Crystals unlocks the Pyralums minigame. Finding four of them unlocks the Weblums minigame. Finding all six unlocks the Globox Disc multiplayer minigame.


One Glob Crystal can be found in each of the following levels:


  • The appearance of the Glob Crystals are similar to the triangular bases that represent the Magic Spheres.