Armored Toad

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Armored Toad
Armored Toad
Alignment Bad

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Location Toad Story

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Resistance 3 HP
Attacks Shooting missiles out of its hand, attempting to ram into players

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The Armored Toad is the boss of Toad Story, and the second boss of Rayman Legends. It resembles a giant toad in a mechanical suit, and it can shoot missiles out of its hands. It is called upon by a Dark Teensy. Once defeated, it crashes into a castle, and the castle collapses.


It resembles a giant toad in a mechanical suit. As the fight continues, it loses more of its armour until it ends up practically naked, with only a red thong to cover it. He also appears to be the only Legends boss that is not rendered in 3D, not counting the bosses in Back to Origins. Early concept art suggests that the Armored Toad was initially going to wear a helmet covering his face completely.[1]


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