Armored Toad!

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Armored Toad!
Armored Toad!
When Toads Fly Orchestral Chaos
World Toad Story

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25 Lums
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Armored Toad! is the eighth level of Toad Story, the second world in Rayman Legends. This is also where the fight against Armored Toad takes place.


Immediately into the level, the team of heroes must avoid the incoming Darkroots. They will also receive the Blue Punch power-up from Gandalf. After getting past the Darkroots and defeating the Toads, the heroes encounter the second Dark Teensy, oiling up his mechanical vehicle. When he spots the team, he whistles for the Armored Toad to defeat the heroes. As the Dark Teensy flies away, the battle against the Armored Toad begins. The players must avoid his missile attacks before attacking him when vulnerable. When the Armored Toad is hit enough times, he will fly into the background as Red Toads appear. Shortly, the Armored Toad returns. This process continues until he is defeated and ends up smashing against a large castle; the castle sinks after that. Now the team of heroes find the Dark Teensy stuck from trying to escape. A fully charged hit will send the Dark Teensy sailing out of the Glade of Dreams and into a hole on a moon, suffering the same fate as the first. More unknown creatures poke him in the form of a tune along with the first Dark Teensy. The level is now completed.

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