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Rayman Compilation
Published by Ubisoft, Sony
Developed by Ubisoft

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Rayman Compilation is a collection of Rayman related desktop themes, screensavers and games. It includes a 60-level edition of the original Rayman game, called Rayman 60 Levels and a 2-level demo version of Rayman 2. This is one of the few collections to feature Rayman 60 Levels in English.



Click on the image to display the English manual.
Click on the image to display the French manual.

Minimum PC configuration

Pentium 60Mhz, Windows 95/98, 16 MB RAM, CD-Rom drive 2x, joypad, mousse or keyboard.

  • To play Rayman 2 level : Pentium 133Mhz, 32 MB RAM, CD-Rom drive 4x, Compatible Soundblaster card, 3D accelerator card with 4 MB VRAM, Direct-X or Glide.




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