Rayman Ultimate

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Rayman Ultimate
Rayman Ultimate
Published by Ubisoft
Developed by Gameloft

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Release date 2003
Genre 2D platformer
Gameplay mode Single player
Platforms Pocket PC
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Rayman Ultimate is a port of the original Rayman game for the Pocket PC. Similarly to the iOS and Android port, the buttons are now virtual buttons on the screen, except for the directional buttons. This version also features a different soundtrack than the original.

Differences from Rayman

  • Rayman has 20 hit points, the most he has had in any version of the original Rayman game.
  • Rayman's health is now represented by a number. When he takes damage the number will go down. If the number reaches zero the player will lose a life.
  • The player starts with 10 lives instead of the usual 3.
  • The font used on the title screen is the same used in Rayman 2.
  • The background on the title screen is green instead of purple.
  • The pause menu shows the background of Moskito's Nest.