Sea Dragon

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Sea Dragon
Sea Dragon
Alignment Bad

Appears in Rayman Legends
Location 20,000 Lums Under the Sea

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Resistance Invincible
Attacks Chomping, contact

Sex Male
Species Dragon, possibly robot

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The Sea Dragon is an enemy from 20,000 Lums Under the Sea, the fourth world of Rayman Legends. He appears in the level There's Always a Bigger Fish, where he is summoned by a Dark Teensy to eat Rayman and his friends. He chases the heroes throughout the level, while trying to gnaw them, breaking or crashing through any obstacle in his path. The heroes must avoid him at all costs and flee, as he is way too tough to fight. Eventually, the heroes will reach a chain with a handle on it in a similar fashion to an old toilet, which they will need to pull; draining all of the water from the reservoir, while also flushing the dragon as he suffocates. He appears on the cover of the game in many promotional trailers for the game as a huge beast that attacks Rayman and his friends, much like his role in the actual game, though he only appears in one level.


The Sea Dragon is a giant ferocious beast who has a serpentine look, with many fins and spikes protruding from his body, much like Creveton and the Mechanical Dragon. He has red scales with some blue spots on them, a huge mouth with a long pink tongue and many sharp teeth, with his front two being larger than the rest. His eyes are blue, with black pupils and yellow irides. It is possible that himself and the Mechanical Dragon are the same creature, but this remains unconfirmed.


  • While it features on the cover of Rayman Legends, it has some differences in appearance. It has normal arms instead of flippers, a nose ring, and fire also appears to be emanating from his mouth, thus suggesting that he was going to be a dragon at one point instead of a sea creature.